Hello Monday

Monday, once again, you snuck up on me.
I was on the go the entire weekend so I am sure that didn't help.
My mom and I were suppose to get our hair cut on Saturday morning but our hairdresser ended up falling ill the night before so we had to reschedule. Thankfully he is squeezing us in just a couple of weeks! My hair needs it! I was disappointed that we didn't have our hair done on Saturday because I am thinking about making a decently big change with my hair.
I am thinking of going shoulder length. 
Something like this: 

I have blonde wavy hair so I figure this couldn't be too awful - just something I will have to get use to. 

Even though the hair fell through I still went and met my mom in Raleigh. We had a good day!
I ended up finding the micro beauty blender (see picture) - they are so tiny and cute! It is meant to blend in concealer and other tiny areas of the face. They are just so cute!

I also ended up picking up NARS Orgasm and I am so excited! I have been missing out all of this time. We might go into my love of this blush later but I have to say that I will always be picking this up when I run out, in the future.

I spent the vast majority of the day in Raleigh on Saturday and by the time I got home it was late and I plopped my butt on the couch until bed. 

Sunday I worked in the morning and then went out to the barn.
I hopped on both horses and had a great day. Velvet is always a good girl but I can't shake the feeling that she isn't quite where I want her to be. Regardless I tried to take cute pictures with her and she wanted none of it. 

After I was done with Velvet I hopped on Lulu and took her for a spin. I wasn't sure how it would go considering she had only been ridden once that week and I put a new bit in her mouth...
She was fantastic! Such a pleasure to ride. I could have cantered around on her all afternoon. The girls were so good! 
I was planning on making it to the gym but it was already passed five and I still had to run to Target so I skipped the gym and opted for a triathlon HIIT workout (Christine Salus did it and holy moly you will hurt!) today. Can we say pain?

I did have a great surprise last night (but I had to swear not to document it in any shape or form)...
Chipotle opened! Well they had their last training day yesterday so as long as we didn't share any info, yesterday, on social media we were allowed to get free food! Oh my gosh, so happy!
I should have documented a picture of it but I was too excited and devoured it. 

So overall a good weekend! How was your weekend? 


Confession Friday

Woohoo Friday!!
I don't know about you but this week has flown by for me. Also, how is it the end of September already? I love October so I'm not complaining, but honestly time is just going on by.

Let's get to these Friday confessions! Join the link-up here!

{1} I confess that I am so happy and also horrified that Halloween candy is out. I already bought three different bags...
Yes, I did. I am now working on not eating all of the candy. I did buy one bag of snack size twix just for me so that I wouldn't be tempted to open the other candy.

{2} I confess that I haven't been able to really ride this week because of the weather. Having a break the first few days of the week was nice since I horse showed last weekend but I went out today hoping to ride and the ring is so sloppy from rain. So I hopped on Velvet, realized the ring was a disaster, and then let her walk around the farm. I then went into the pasture and played with Lulu while she enjoyed some outside time.

{3} I confess that this cloudy drizzly weather really gets me in the mood for chili and tortilla soup! Can't wait to bust out the crockpot for some warm chili or soup this year!

{4} I confess that we have had temperatures in the awkward 60's and it's killing me. It's not warm enough to bum in a tshirt and shorts but it's also not cold enough to break out my fall clothes!
Soon, hopefully, soon...

What have you got going on this weekend?


Super Yummy Healthy Tacos!

Hello everyone!
I hope your week is going well so far.
The weather here is cool, windy, and we have gotten a good amount of rain this morning, which is a bummer because the dogs want to go on a walk and I was planning on riding.

Since I am currently snuggled up in the house, procrastinating, I wanted to share my new lunch/dinner obsession!

Healthy lettuce tacos!

Here is what you need:
1) Strips of lettuce. I used romaine.

2) Cheese of your choice. I used pepper jack.

3) Ground turkey or ground beef.

4) Taco seasoning.

5) Red onions - or any other toppings you choose.

5) Some type of chunk salsa. I used My Brothers Salsa in Black bean and Corn.

All you do is cook up your meat and add the taco seasoning.
You can use a whole strip of lettuce or split it in half like I did in the picture.
Scoop some chunky salsa onto your lettuce. 
Add the ground meat once it is ready and then add toppings and that's it! 

So good and easy! 
They can be a bit messy but the lettuce held up well overall.

I have eaten these the last two days in a row and ran out to get more ground meat today so I can make some more for lunch - that is how good they are!

If you try these out, I hope you enjoy!


Unexpected Places

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days but I promise I have two good excuses reasons!
1) I spent my weekend at a horse show and it literally sucks up your entire life - but it's so worth it!
2) I am sick. Just a cold but it has sucked all the motivation right out of me. 

So, as the title says, I ended up at unexpected places this weekend.
First off, the horse show. I had planned on showing for a while but Velvet hadn't been quite right for a good month now and we started to suspect that it had to do with her shoes. While she was never not ridable (thank goodness!) she certainly wasn't going like she normally does.
We made the executive decision to have her re-shoed on Thursday and bring her to the show Friday to see if there was a difference.
I schooled her around Friday and there was a huge difference! Because of the large turn around we decided to show her even though both she and I hadn't jumped hardly in the past month+ because of everything going on.
We had a few rough spots but nothing bad whatsoever and I couldn't be happier considering the circumstances. I was pretty proud of myself and my little girl. 
We also ended up bringing Lulu over to the show to play with her - we also thought we were sending her home at this point. Well she is young and needs some work but overall (considering everything we've thrown at this mare) she has had a good brain about it. 
Now we are keeping her for a month and then sending her home to foal while we decide what to do next! 

Saturday night my mom, Daniel, and I headed back to the show to watch the equitation finals and then we headed out to dinner with Loren at a little place called Sunnyside Oyster Bar. I am going to link the website because, guys, this place was so much fun and I don't even like seafood! My dinner consisted of broccoli and cheese, lance crackers, shrimp, and beer. I regret not taking pictures of everything but you will get the gist of it if you decide to visit the website.
Let me put it this way...
If you happened to drive by this place without knowing anything about it you would more than likely avoid it - yes, it is a complete hole in the wall and while we all know some of the best places to eat are holes in the wall - there are plenty that you really should avoid.
We waited for about an hour before we were crammed into a rectangular bar while the shuckers stand on the other side and shuck your oysters right in front of you. The shuckers make the place! They even have pictures of the shuckers on the place mats and you just know that a lot of these people have been shucking oysters at this place for a long time. 
This place has been featured in Southern Living among other magazines so you know you're in for a treat! 

If you are ever in Williamston, NC then you have to stop by!

So, I completely sucked at taking pictures this entire weekend and I apologize for that. 
Wednesday I plan on having a new healthy recipe posted if all goes well tonight! 

Did you have a good weekend?


Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish - First Thoughts!

Hello everyone!
Sorry this post didn't happen yesterday but I literally ran around like a chicken with its head cut off all day and then promptly passed out around 10 before I could get this up. 

So, as I mentioned on Monday, I bought the Sally Hansen Gel Polish in Red Eye.

Here it is freshly applied on Sunday night:

Here it is as of today (Thursday):

So, it definitely isn't pristine anymore.
I wanted to see what it will look like on Sunday but I don't know if I will make it that far without repainting my nails.
Anyway, I will admit that the polish did apply nicely and is fully opaque after two coats.
I definitely recommend using their gel top coat with it. I only used one coat and next time I will use two to see if it makes a difference.

It really did look good until, about, late Wednesday night. I also admit that the color is gorgeous and I have received so many compliments on it. 

I do wish it would have lasted a bit longer since it is a gel formula, but overall it did perform pretty well considering what I put it through.
I have worked out every day, I thoroughly cleaned the house (scrubbing stuff without gloves), I've done the dishes multiple times, I rode two horses yesterday, and I have been playing catch (among other sports) while nannying.

Overall Impression:
I am pretty pleased! Yes, I wish it would last a bit longer - I miss my fake nails that lasted forever - but overall it looked really good once applied, the color is gorgeous, and I put it through the ringer and it managed to hold tight pretty decently. I think I will be picking up another color to see if it performs as well. Also, I will try two top coats next time to see if it makes a difference!

Will you be picking up one of these polishes?