Oh Hey, Friday!

Hello all and happy Friday!
We are experiencing a bit of spring fever down here in the south! We had a few beautiful days in the 70's and now it's raining and the temperatures are going to drop throughout the day :(

Since I am procrastinating going to the gym because of the rain I will share with you some happenings this week and link up with Karli and Christina!

I have a new book obsession. It is great and if you are looking for something to read I highly suggest you pick this up! P.S. I am trying to read whatever I can before I start classes again so give me some suggestions, please!

You know all those cute little nail designs you see? Well they are easier said than done, okay? I managed to find nails stickers so I could chevron my nails but unless you have a good hour or two to sit around and do nothing I don't know how practical this is. I am thrilled with how they turned out but waiting for my nail to fully dry before putting the sticker on was tedious/I have no patience nor the time, usually. The good news is that they look so cute!

I found out that I have to take a few summer classes and that my schedule is M-F...
Having a degree and being a college veteran means that I have very hostile feelings about M-F classes - aka I haven't been on campus all week since sophomore year.

While I may be agonizing over classes, I did have a wonderful surprise yesterday! Back story: I bought a show coat on closeout. E-mailed company yesterday about said show coat and was told that it was sold out and they would refund my money. UPS shows up to the house in the afternoon and ta-da the coat magically arrives! Ha! I was so happy and cannot believe it!

New nail polish favorite alert: Smith and Cult nail polish is my new love. I wish they weren't because they are so expensive - it's crazy, I'm not going to lie! But they are wonderful. The colors are gorgeous and unique, the color is opaque, and their lasting power is better than any of my regular nail polishes. We have a love/hate relationship because of the price.


When Life Hands You Lemons

I believe my mini rants the past few posts have urged everyone to believe that I may be struggling in the life department right now. I honestly am not complaining because I am very aware that I have many positives in my life and I am incredibly thankful for that.
On the other hand I am experiencing life as a scared 24 year old who is currently feeling helpless and discouraged about my future. 

I know the vast majority of people, if not everyone, goes through this phase at least once - but it still doesn't change the fact that it is scary.
At this moment I seem to have so many hurdles thrown at me as I try to get into nursing school. Deep down I know I will get in eventually but having your plans pushed back 6 months to a year seems like the end of the world when you are fairly fresh out of college with no career. 

So what do I do in this time of trepidation in my life? Well...

Remain Positive: This is easier said than done. I have been quite upset the last few days about things not working out as planned - news flash Hanna life tends not to work out as planned. I am a planner so not having a plan or changing my plan is hard for me. The good news? I do have a 4 year degree. There are other chances to get into nursing school. I'm still young and even though a set back seems like a life time in my eyes, it's not. 

Do Something Productive With Your Time: Since I have had this semester off, I have been working two jobs. As much as I enjoy some time off, I cannot sit around the house and leisurely do stuff all the time. I like working or doing school work. It gives me a purpose. Currently I am nanny for a 3 year old girl and 4 month old twin boys. Am I learning life skills? You betcha! While I will never be fully prepared when I do have a child, I am learning all these skills that will be applicable to my own life and children one day. 

Unwind/Do Something Enjoyable: Now that you may find yourself with some more free time it is a great time to go out and enjoy the things that you will have less time for when you do have a blossoming career! I unwind by going to the gym and spending time at the barn. With my work I may not be able to get to the barn as much as I would like but I definitely have more time now than I will once I have a nursing career and I take advantage of all of it. I can ride more and I am starting to show more again and it makes my heart fill with joy being able to spend time improving on my riding and get back in the show ring!

It's Better Late Than Never: With the competitiveness of college, health programs, and graduate programs I am well aware that there are people who don't get in their first time around. Devastating? Yes. Unreasonable? Nope. This is where perserverance comes in. Would I love everything to work the first time around? Yea! The reality is that is not happening. It didn't happen for my mom either. She had to apply to medical school twice before being accepted. One of my best friends mom also had to apply to medical school twice before getting in. It happens. This weekend my trainer said, "It's better to be 30 with an education than 30 years out without an education." 
I truly hope I will be in nursing school before the age of 30 but this is what I want to do and I will get there. It's better to be 30 and pursuing a good career and my dreams than sitting around and doing nothing. 

So I will leave you with an inspirational quote and we can all empathize together. Things don't go as planned and that can be hard to swallow. So are you going to sit around and give up? Or you going to find another direction and purpose for your life? Or are you going to dust yourself off and try again?


Another Setback, A New Start, And I Spent Too Much Money at Target

There were good and bad things to this past weekend. The bad was that I learned I did not get off the wait list and into the accelerated nursing program this time around. It's a long complicated story but basically I had a plan to apply to the traditional BSN route and hopefully start in the Spring. With the traditional BSN route they use a ranking scale and I was told that to pretty much be guaranteed in I would need 11 points. Guess how many I have? 10. In order to gain an extra point I can take 12 credit hours and be considered a transfer student - no problem! I can take 6 credits the 1st summer session and 6 credits the 2nd summer session. This has been much easier said than done...Turns out that even though I was admitted to the university I was admitted for the 2nd summer session. Tried to change my admittance to the 1st summer session because I was told that I could - apparently not true. So I had to complete another application for the 1st summer session and now I am annoyed because I am worried I won't get the classes I want -_-

Rant Over.

The Good News:
I showed my horse this weekend!!! Oh my gosh, I cannot tell you how much of an accomplishment this was. A) I haven't ridden for a month B) I only cantered 3 jumps on Remi before/wasn't allowed to ride him much C) After the total stress from Friday (See above) I slightly lost it in the schooling ring and had to pull myself together D) My baby horse just turned 5 this past Saturday and this was his third show.

There is no better way to figure out how well you and your horse bond than being thrown in the show ring together when you are mere acquaintances. There is some sarcasm to that sentence because things can go awfully awry - it just depends on the horse and rider.
The good news is that I absolutely love my horse and I believe that we just clicked - thank goodness.
We definitely had some bobbles but nothing horrendous and considering all of the above I thought it was pretty darn good!
I'm just thrilled! I can't wait to show my little goober again in two weeks.

Today I ran around like a mad person trying to accomplish everything that I couldn't get done this weekend. I successfully accomplished everything I had planned for today. I did forget shave soap at Target so, you know, slight fail. Maybe that was because I was distracted buying other things...

I went slightly crazy. I would just like to say I stuck that blush on my bare face to see what it would look like and it is so natural and I love it! The highlighter is to die for. Both products are part of Sonia Kashuk's Summer Collection and I just happened to walk past it today. Seriously, go check it out!!

Please enjoy my doggie jammies. But I had to take a quick pic of the blush because it looks so nice and I have no makeup on. You can see it there on my left cheek/your right.

I also had a chance to enjoy some Starbucks today which I haven't done for a while because of my work schedule. I am rocking Essie's Naughty Nautical on my nails currently.

So, how have you been doing? Let me know!


Five on Friday!

I'm back! After being at a horse show/being too tired to post last Friday I am back to share 5 things on this dreary Friday in North Cackalacky. 

As always I am linking up with the lovely Karli.

I had my shellac taken off. Yep. It was a tough choice because we all know I love my long last "fool proof" nails. But that was the problem. They weren't fool proof and after having multiple not so good experiences with my shellac chipping or feathering half way up my nail I was done. 

So now that I am back to painting my own nails I decided that I am totally going to get into this nail art trend. Hahahaha, about that. I attempted nail art last night...attempted being the key word here. I bought the craft scissors to make the chevron nails and low and behold my cheepo craft scissors can't even cut through the tape. Then I tried to make a heart. Major fail. So this is what I ended up with for now...

I wanted a better picture but it's raining and this was the best I could do.

Lets take a minute to talk about how I watched the fist season Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in a day. In my defense the episodes are only 30 minutes so that definitely helped me cruse right on through the season. It is a bit crude but there are so many little life lessons in the show and I really enjoyed it.

I know every pet owner says this but I have the weirdest dogs. Especially Mr.Ash. The other week I decided to buy Ash a new bed since he destroyed his old one - plus I felt bad because with my new work schedule they are spending much more time in the crates. I plopped it on top of his crate when I got home and came out of the bedroom to witness my cat/dog in action.

Yep. He's decided that if I wasn't going to put it in his crate then he would just get up there and lay on it.

Disappointment. Last year I discovered that Vineyard Vines has a Kentucky Derby line and I about died from excitement. Unfortunately I found out too late and everything was sold out - including the Shep Shirt that I was dying to get my hands on. So this year I was determined to get one and I did! But then it arrived like this...

It's not like I could snip it off either because the thread that wraps around would just keep unraveling. The good news is that I am returning this one and getting another but it is such a bummer when you rip open your package and BAM you can't wear it.

Happy Friday everyone!


Transitioning To Spring/Summer Time Makeup

We have been experiencing some warmer weathered days down here in the south, yay! 
Now we haven't hit the awful humidity yet and that is a-okay with me. Since I have been pulling out my dresses again I decided that it was best to start transitioning my makeup to fit the warmer weather.
So what kind of makeup do I tend to reach for during the warmer months of the year?

Well I definitely prefer a more natural look, especially when the the humidity rears its ugly head.

So I look for products such as:

Tinted Moisturizer or BB/CC Cream: I usually do not slap a full coverage foundation on my face and during the warm weather I certainly am not looking for full coverage. I am always on the hunt for a good BB or CC cream that gives me enough coverage to even out my skin tone, that has SPF, and looks natural. Recently I have been loving this CC cream and this tinted moisturizer is a long time love of mine.

Cream Blush: Not only do I find cream blush to be extremely quick to put on my face, but I also love the natural glow it gives. There are plenty of cream blushes out there that I like but the two I am currently loving are this one and this one.

Cream Highlighters: Clearly I have a cream product obsession during the warmer months. To continue the trend I usually show my cream highlights a little more love when its warm out. The two I have and use are this and this. Becca makes fabulous cream highlighting products. I just don't own any, yet!

Lip Butters: Easy, lightweight, and pretty on the lips. It's no secret that I love any lip product with the word butter in the name. I only own almost all of these and now I am loving these

Pigments: Since I am all for a simple pretty face when it's warm, I turn to my trusty pigment eye shadows! My long time favorite is the MAC one in Tan and the BareMinerals pigment in Nude Beach.

What are your warmer weather makeup favorites? Let me know!