Five On Friday

Linking up with Amanda and Christina to bring you my top five on this Friday!

1// The Pink Drink

Why did I not jump on this bandwagon earlier? Not only is the sucker incredibly pretty to stare at, but it tastes so good and is so refreshing! All it is is a strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk. Hear me out, even if you are not a fan of coconut milk (like me) give it a go! To me it tastes like a strawberry creamsicle. 

Apparently you can make a healthier version at home that tastes just as amazing! I plan on making my own soon, but in the meantime here is the recipe if you want to give it a go!

2// Pump Up Song

Warning: There is one part that might not be for everyone.
Love this song! I listen to it all the time in the gym because it gives me motivation to get going and keep going!
Watsky - Moral of the Story

3// Meal Prepping

Help a girl out. What are your favorite meal prep recipes? Do you meal prep for the whole week? 5 days? 3 days? 

I've recently made this chicken harvest salad. I've made these honey roasted sweet potatoes. And this week I am enjoying this chicken parmesan with broccoli. Post your favorite meal prep recipes below!

4// The Best Pancakes

I love pancakes, okay, but I rarely eat them because they are not the healthiest. 
Until now...
Behold Kodiak Cakes! 
These babies are super easy to make (just add water) and they cook up light and fluffy! Best part? The serving size (3 pancakes) is 190 calories. 
I tend to top mine with peanut butter and bananas. I also will use a sugar free syrup. 

 Go get yourself some!

5// Wants 

I have been well behaved and haven't spent any money on makeup in months. Can you believe it? I can't. So I am thinking of treating myself (aka not thinking about upcoming school bills) and I am crushing on these!


On the Hunt: Best Workout Pants

I always feel good in my workout pants while in the gym.
Only one thing can crush my spirit while working out and that is pants that are not squat proof.
I have multiple pairs of lengths, brands, and styles yet I am still struggling to find my holy grail workout pant that I can squat all day in and not worry about them being see through. 

I have searched for the best squat proof workout pants, but now I need your help. Please let me know what your favorites are! 

Pros: I hear these are fabulous. High waisted and opaque. 
Con: Price

Pros: I hear that they are super comfortable
Con: I haven't seen much about these

Pros: Overall they seem like solid pants and the price point is good!
Cons: I can't try them on before ordering them. 

Pros: They have some of the cutest prints and lots of mesh options!
Cons: I can't try them on before ordering them.

I've also heard good thing about Fabletics and was wondering is the VIP option worth it? Are the clothes worth it?

Let me know!


Friday Favorites {AKA I'm Still Alive Edition}

Hello Everyone and welcome back to my little blog, which has constantly been neglected thanks to Nursing School.

Well, it is officially summer break and I am back from nursing school the dead!

Today I will be linking up with Amanda as I try to catch you up on some of my favorites.

1) Favorite Song

How can I start this post without letting you know about my current on replay song?

Cold Little Heart - Michael Kiwanuka
Skip to about 4:25 if you do not want to listen the the intro.

...Why yes, I did watch Big Little Lies. 

2) Favorite Workout 

Okay, so it's more new favorite piece of equipment that I like to incorporate into my workout.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have become a Rowing addict. Yep. Can't even believe it. I stayed away from the rowing machine for the longest time, but finally decided to give it ago and now I'm hooked! I like to incorporate it into my HIIT workouts.

This is a great workout. Even if you don't want to do the weight section, I really like the way the rowing workout is broken down. 

3) (Current) Favorite Makeup Product

Let me take a moment to say that  I do not know what I was doing with my life before this makeup product. 
Let me introduce you to CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops

Picture via Temptalia. She has a great review so I highly suggest checking it out.

I have the color Celestial and I cannot go without it anymore. I apply it under my foundation and it gives me this gorgeous glow. I also tap a little bit of product along my cheek bones because I am a highlighter addict and these babies make you glow!

4) Favorite New Trend: The Unicorn Everything Trend

Yep, I love it. I mean I am a horse lover so slap a horn on it and make it a unicorn can only make my obsession so much greater. 

As you can see, I gave the Unicorn Starbuck's Frappuccino a try and did not hate it, but then again I like mango. Would I order it on a regular basis (if I could)? No, but it was worth a try!

I also found my new Unicorn treat that I am going to make now that school is out.
Vegan Unicorn Nice Cream! 
Look at that beauty! More wonderful pictures and the recipe can be found over at FastingOnFruit!
And it will give me a perfect excuse to look into a Vitamix. Anyone have one? Thoughts? I have a Ninja and a NutriBullet that I use daily for smoothies and love. 

I couldn't leave my dearest Remi out of this unicorn trend because he is the closest thing I have to one. So, the cutest animal snack company Snaks5thAvenchew jumped on the unicorn frappuccino bandwagon as well as unicorn treat! Sadly, the unicorn frappuccino was a limited release and of course I ordered one. I also ordered this adorable unicorn crunch cups for him as well. 

So stinkin' adorable. 
I cannot find a picture of the crunch cups, but I will make sure to snap some as soon as they arrive. 

5) Favorite Time of The Year

Alright, I'll admit it is starting to get too hot so the weather isn't my favorite, but it's summer break for me. I completed my first year of my nursing program and only have one left! It's crazy how fast this past year went by considering how I thought I wouldn't survive first semester (semester from H-E-double hockey sticks) and then I thought I wouldn't survive the end of second semester. 
Spoiler alert: I did survive, but not without feeling like I was running out of time and a few frantic conversations with my mom and boyfriend. 

Most of my OB clinical group.

I get to relax, spend time with my horse, horse show more often, head to the beach, and just not think about studying for a solid week and half until summer classes start. 

This is my last summer so I fully intend to enjoy it. What are your summer plans?

6) Funnies

How I likely react should not react when I walk into some rooms during clinical.

True Life: How I probably look while rowing

How my classmates and I try to encourage each other during tests:
What we say:

What we truly mean: 

Every nursing school test question:

Walking out of my last final:

Hope you all have a good weekend!

First Friday Of The Year!

Hello all! I hope the beginning of your year has started to your liking. I am enjoying the little time that is left of my break before classes take over my life as well as preparing for the incoming weather.
Since I will likely be stuck in the house all weekend, I will be binge watching all the TV I can while I still have the time.
Do any of you have fun plans for the weekend? Are you going to be impacted by the weather as well?

Linking up with Amanda for today's post!

Song Obsession

This is my power song!

Food Obsession

Well I actually have two. One is this delicious avocado toast. Such an easy and healthy treat! Second is a treat I devoured while in New York and all I want is more! A really suggest that you go to Waffles and Dinges if you are ever in New York! 

Yummy lunch with some delicious avocado toast!

Waffles and Dinges! So incredibly good.

Trip Obsession

I'll make a full blown post about it later, but I went to NYC for New Years! Had an absolute blast and can't wait to go back. 

One view from the Empire State Building! 

Low quality picture from the NYE Party

Current Obsession

Liquid lipsticks! I have bought way too many recently and have no regrets! I snagged the Moment of Weakness set from Colourpop, I snagged Lime Crime's Teddy Bear, and I managed to pick up two metallic liquid lipsticks from Milani! I suggest that you pick up the Milani metallic liquid lipsticks if you want a budget friendly metallic. They are awesome!!



Lime Crime


This gave me a good laugh earlier today...


{2016} Year In Review

A lot has happened in 2016. As I reflect on the year, it is hard to believe how much things have changed. Overall, I would say things changed for the best, but every year has it's hardships and this year was no exception. While 2016 isn't quite over yet, I am looking forward to the new experiences I will encounter in 2017.

I Got In/Started Nursing School

Not to sound totally cliché but...I knew nursing school wasn't going to be easy, but I didn't realize how much it would consume my life. Especially first semester. First semester was brutal and I am so happy to report that I survived first semester and am moving on to second semester! This next semester I have my Peds and OB clinical, which I think I will really enjoy. My goal is to only have 3 mental breakdowns this semester! That may or may not be a joke...I will report at the end of 2nd semester and tell you how I did. Thankfully, I accepted that being a straight A student was likely not happening after I found out the nursing school grading scale. Let's just say I had multiple moments of panic about how anyone get's into grad school when this is all said and done. Needless to say... I'm looking forward to next semester! 

Nick Got A New Job

I honestly don't remember if I touched on the struggles of Nick's job hunt earlier this year, but after about 6 months he was finally abel to say farewell to his old job and start his new one! This was a tough situation because, while Nick was thankful to have a job, he was miserable and the job hunt seemed never ending to the both of us. Thankfully, everything worked out for the best and he was offered a position with his number one pick. I don't know which one of us was happier. 

We Sold Velvet

One of the most heart breaking moments of 2016  my life. Queen V was sold, and while I know she is at a very good place, it was so hard for me to let her go. Thankfully, she is not that far away from me so I will see her at horse shows and I occasionally I will get the opportunity to visit her like I did in the above picture. She looks fabulous and is such a happy girl in her new home so that definitely softens the blow a bit. Plus, I know she is adored by her new little girl and that makes my smile. No matter who she belongs to or where she goes, she will always be my Velveeta Cheese Puff. 

Remi Got Injured

Not only did Velvet leave me earlier this year, but Remi ended up injured pretty early on. I was really disappointed about this because not only did I miss the majority of the show season, but his injury was unique and while they expected him to recover, no one knew exactly how well he would recover. Would he be sound enough to ride again? Would he be as sound as he once was? Will I be able to still work towards my goals with him or will I have to give them up? It was a really rough time for me as I watched him recover and hope for the best. While this was a nerve wrecking time, I am happy to report that Remi has recovered incredibly well and I was even able to show him in some of the final shows of the year! We really didn't expect that! And dare I say, I think he has come back a better horse than when he was first injured. Having the time off really seemed to help him mature and grow from a silly baby into a horse. I am so excited about this up coming show season with him! 

What does 2017 have in store? It is only a matter of days until I start finding out. What good and/or unfortunate events did 2016 bring for you? And what are you looking forward to in 2017?