Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish - First Thoughts!

Hello everyone!
Sorry this post didn't happen yesterday but I literally ran around like a chicken with its head cut off all day and then promptly passed out around 10 before I could get this up. 

So, as I mentioned on Monday, I bought the Sally Hansen Gel Polish in Red Eye.

Here it is freshly applied on Sunday night:

Here it is as of today (Thursday):

So, it definitely isn't pristine anymore.
I wanted to see what it will look like on Sunday but I don't know if I will make it that far without repainting my nails.
Anyway, I will admit that the polish did apply nicely and is fully opaque after two coats.
I definitely recommend using their gel top coat with it. I only used one coat and next time I will use two to see if it makes a difference.

It really did look good until, about, late Wednesday night. I also admit that the color is gorgeous and I have received so many compliments on it. 

I do wish it would have lasted a bit longer since it is a gel formula, but overall it did perform pretty well considering what I put it through.
I have worked out every day, I thoroughly cleaned the house (scrubbing stuff without gloves), I've done the dishes multiple times, I rode two horses yesterday, and I have been playing catch (among other sports) while nannying.

Overall Impression:
I am pretty pleased! Yes, I wish it would last a bit longer - I miss my fake nails that lasted forever - but overall it looked really good once applied, the color is gorgeous, and I put it through the ringer and it managed to hold tight pretty decently. I think I will be picking up another color to see if it performs as well. Also, I will try two top coats next time to see if it makes a difference!

Will you be picking up one of these polishes?


A Weekend Full of New and Old Memories

This weekend was a rainy one - but the temperatures did also cool down which makes me super happy!

This weekend consisted of cleaning the house and buying a new vacuum. Thrilling, no? 
I also ended up at the three different grocery stores because I just couldn't pull it together.

I also ended up at Ulta twice. That's right, bad Hanna. 
I did pick up the new Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish that I have been interested in trying!

I tend on running these puppies through the mud and back this week as I will do my normal workout/riding routine and then this weekend I have a horse show. On Sunday (a week from when I painted them) we will see how they did.

I also started watching Scandal on Netflix this weekend while Daniel was working and I am hooked! 
Blew threw Season 1 on Sunday alone...

Even though it rained pretty much all day Saturday, I was able to get out to the barn Sunday and ride Miss Velvet and Sweet Lulu. I wasn't sure how the two girls would be considering the temperature has dropped a bit but they were both incredibly good! 

On a sadder note...
This weekend marked the one year of the death of my little Bailey.

Just because the days go by does not mean I miss you any less.


Confession Friday!

I am crushing on Leslie's new blog design! You see the button above? Aren't you intrigued? You should go check it out here!

{1} I confess that I went to the urgent care this morning to discover that I have a scleral cyst...
How?? I admit it's not that painful - more irritating than anything though I do hope it goes away soon. 

{2} I confess that even though the morning didn't start off the best, I did get in a great HIIT workout and had a blast at the barn today!

{3} I confess that I went to Ulta last night to buy Ardell Accent (half) lashes and I am so bummed that I cannot try them out this weekend now because of my eye! If you love big lashes but don't want full fake ones then go look at accent lashes. They give you some oomf without being to overdone! 

{4} I confess that I finally have my school e-mail address up and running again (yay!) but now I cannot get the admission people, from the school I will be applying to, to call me back. Why is this so difficult?

{5} I confess that I am ready to make some crockpot chili! I may have to take the plunge and make some this weekend even though it's not going to be that cool outside..
Any one have any go to chili recipes?


Why Fall Needs to Hurry Up

I am fall obsessed and I'm pretty sure you have figured this out by now.
Unfortunately, in the South, we tend to skip over fall (except for a few fleeting days) and while that saddens me, it does not stop my enthusiasm for the season!

Reasons why fall needs to get here:

1:: Vests
I have been dying to get my hands on this herringbone J.Crew Vest but it is always sold out.
Find similar vests at here.

Barbour Vest
Look at that color! Find it here!here!

2:: Jackets

Barbour Beadnell Waxed jacket here!
Pricey but such a great lifetime investment piece!

Pendleton Coat
Find it here!

3:: Oxblood Lips
I am in love with this trend!

MAC Diva
See picture and review on

Drugstore: Wet and Wild Cherry Bomb

4:: Boots or booties!
Frye Phillip Riding

Hunter Boots

Find all different styles here!

What do you love about fall?


But Why is The Weekend Gone?

This weekend was a busy one!
Saturday I worked early in the morning until the afternoon, then I went to pick up Daniel's shoes (Christmas present) and let me just tell you the disaster that occurred...
So Daniel has been wanting these shoes for the longest time and my parents are giving them to him for Christmas. I went to order them early (because of a miscommunication disaster last time Daniel attempted to order them) and was proud of myself because this way I had time if anything went horribly wrong. Thankfully nothing went wrong with the order, but things went astray when they CALLED Daniel to tell him an order was in...
I explicitly told them not to call Daniel because they were a present and he needs not know about them! They took my number and assured me that I would be phoned when they came in. I tried to by step this whole mess by stopping in with my mom last weekend to see if they had arrived and I just hadn't received a call (this has also happened on a previous order).
When I went in to pick them up on Saturday (and grudgingly tell them that they called Daniel which was a big no no) the guy informs me that they were actually in last weekend when my mom and I were there but they had been misplaced (or something like that) and when they figured it out they tried to call the number on the sheet (my number) but it wasn't good. UGH! I think it's just excuses but at least I got the shoes! Small victories, people, small victories. 

After that disaster I went to the gym and then home to the nuggets who thought I betrayed them by leaving them in the crates for so long. That night Daniel and I went to dinner and I must admit I think I loved my cocktail more than any other part of the meal - sad but very true. I do not remember the exact name but it had muddled raspberries, muddled lemon, gin, simple syrup, and I believe that was it. I didn't take a picture because I was too busy consuming it but I definitely had a lot of fun at dinner and am happy Daniel and I had the chance to go out for a bit.

I have a crappy iphone pic to share since Daniel dislikes taking pictures and my best chance is with impromptu iPhone pics in the parking lot. This is not a good picture of Daniel and after we took it he goes "this is why I don't take pictures." Sigh.

Sunday was a diasterous morning. Daniel and I planned on making breakfast but low and behold two of the four eggs were frozen leaving only enough for one of us. Daniel made me an omelet and proceeded to make oatmeal for himself. 
I had plans of getting to the barn early so I could ride both Lulu and Velvet before it stormed.
Que the disaster. 
We left late because of the breakfast conundrum and then sucked up a whole 10+ minutes saving turtles. We finally made it to the barn and the gate was locked. Guess what? I didn't bring the key and didn't even think about it because I never use my gate key. After trying to get a hold of anyone (and disturbing everyone I am sure) with no luck we drove back to the house to get my key. 
On the way back we ended up saving two more turtles and our original little buddy who we saved was crossing the road again (no friend!) and as Daniel and I were turning back around to save him/her...some a-hole ran my turtle over and I will never forgive them. 
Once we got the gate key and made it back to the barn I realized that the key I was given did not fit the lock. Thankfully I got hold of Loren (my one trainer) that time and her dad came and let us in.
The good news is I had a very good day with Lulu and Velvet and both mares were very good! And I managed to get on both of them before it monsooned the rest of the day. 


Later that day Daniel and I relaxed and played Yahtzee (yes we are that couple) and then I painted my nails and read Marie Claire all while obsessing over fall! The temperatures have finally dropped a bit and it is making me anticipate fall even more! Ah!

Obsessed with that Gucci dress...

If you have made it this far - thank you! Sorry about my shoe rant and turtle rant but I just had to share it with someone. 
Did you have a good weekend?
Are you ready for fall?!?!