Sometimes You Win And Sometimes You Don't {Weekending}

This weekend was a busy one.
Nick arrived home at 11:37 PM Friday night and most of Saturday was spent running errands.
Saturday night Nick, Ashley, and I at tented a year end awards banquet.
I've been riding since I was five and from an early age I learned that sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. 

Winning and losing can happen for a number of reasons.
I've won when I've deserved to and I've lost when I was having an off day or my horse was having an off day.
I will tell you that there were times where I had the most beautiful trip and didn't win. Why? There can be a combination of factors and I'm not going to lie. It's frustrating.
I've always won classes before that I never should have. For instance, there was one time when I picked up the wrong lead in a flat class and the judge happened to be looking at one of the other 15+ ponies and didn't see it so I ended up winning.
There was a time when I won a class even though I didn't complete the end of the course correctly - it's a long story but they basically changed the course after they already had one set and that is a no no - I did have a phenomenal round, though. 

Suffice to say, the Carolina Panthers may have not had the Super Bowl ending that they wanted but they won a lot this year and had a great season. 

I also won some this year and lost this year. Overall, I ended up 2nd (reserve) overall in my division. Remi was brand new, I switched divisions, and we had some fabulous days and some bad days. Overall, we improved throughout the season and I am excited to see what is in store this show season. I know there will be good days and bad days but I'm hoping there are a few more good ones than bad ones this season!

Nick was so kind to come support me even though he's been traveling recently.

Ashley and I with our awards. Ashley was champion in the division and I was reserve. 

Sunday consisted of gross weather, more errands, my mom coming to town, and the Super Bowl. 
It was a busy weekend but a good one. 

What did you do this weekend?


Fri-yay Favorites

Linking up with Amanda and Karli for another edition of Friday favorites!

+ Song Obsession

This song has been around for a bit and I don't know why I couldn't figure out who it was by or what it was called earlier. I know I have heard to before and when it popped up on my Pandora I was hooked again. I think it has a great beat to it and I enjoy listening to it while doing cardio - or when I'm performing in the car.

The Amplifetes - Blinded By the Moonlight

+ Super Bowl Ready 

I finally caved and bought this cute shirt for Sunday!

+Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Nick has been out of town all week and while I have missed him I did have some fun!
First up: Massage

Ah so relaxing!

Then I went out to celebrate a Birthday, have a beer, and eat some food!


Anytime I heard a noise at night (Nick was out of town) then tried to pull myself together.

When I try and make new friends at the gym

How my massage went the other day

+New Favorites

I recently started watching Just Jillian earlier this week and I am hooked. I think Jillian is so funny and her family is adorable.


January {2016} Favorites

Well hello there February. You crept up on me and I was expecting your arrival so soon.
I had a pretty boring month when it comes to favorites. I found new loves and literally used them every single time that I put on makeup.


Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. I always revert back to this blush it gives you a gorgeous glow and some color to boot! It will forever be one of my loves.

The Tarte Tartelette Pallete In Bloom is my newest eyeshadow obsession. It is currently my favorite palette. I reach for it all the time and think it is gorgeous. 

Mac's Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish is an oldie but a goodie. This was one of my first higher end makeup purchases and one of my best purchases. The color is beautiful on my pale skin.

I talked about this product in a first impression post not that long ago, but I love this product. It wears well, is comfortable to wear, and I love the color. 

Another recent first impression product has made its way onto my favorites. Bite Beauty's Agave Lip Mask is fantastic. It hydrates my lips and leaves them so smooth and refreshed. 

What were your favorite beauty products in January? 


Food, Fun, And a See You Later (Weekending)

As per usual, the weekend went by way too fast. I swear it went by even faster because Nick had to go out of town so I was dreading Sunday. 

To ease my pain, I did eat good food and spend half the day with my mom on Saturday.
We had an early hair appointment and then we did some shopping and some eating - two of the best things!

We ate at PG Werth's, which we hadn't been to before and the brunch was pretty darn good.

Avocado Pimento Cheese Fritters 

Farmer's Benedict 

Cotton Club

After that I spent the evening with Nick before he had to leave early Sunday. 
After that I had a pretty quiet Sunday and enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather by going out to the barn and riding my goobers.

How was your weekend? 


Friday Favorites

Welcome back for another Friday Favorites!
This is the last one for January, which is crazy.

Today I am linking up with Amanda and Karli.

+ One of the best parodies to kick off your Friday

I meant to post this a while back and completely forgot. Please enjoy this because I think it's hysterical.

+ New Makeup (That I'm Crushing On)

Ta-da! How cute are these two upcoming palettes from Too Faced? I am a sucker for cute packaging and I am in love with my semi-sweet chocolate bar palette. I was going to buy the original Chocolate Bar Palette but now that I've seen these two beauties....I may be going after one of these instead!

+ Favorite Workout

I am now a blogilates fanatic. Her ab workouts are killer! I love that her workouts are quick, efficient, and she has separate workouts that target different areas (abs, booty, and arms!) Here is my current favorite ab killer.

+ Funnies

When Nick catches me singing 

When I'm extremely hungry but have to wait for food

+ Good Reads

Please go here if you want an entertaining read. Basically it is a thread that talks about how you knew past relationships were over. We all go through some interesting breakups and I found this entire thread very enlightening. 

Let me share some of my memorable breakups.

1) I had a highschool boyfriend who I dated on and off during the beginning of college. There were a few moments that indicated that the relationship should be over but the icing on the cake came one night when he was out of town, visiting his mom, and he told me that he needed to "be like an eagle and spread his wings and fly." I was not happy about it then but now I think it is hysterical. 

2) I met this great guy shortly after the above boyfriend. He was sweet, attentive, and just an all around good guy - but I was bored, so bored. I knew I had to end it when he visited me at my parents for Christmas and I didn't particularly care that he was there and I didn't miss him when he left. 

3) It was clearly over when I caught the ex-fiance in a lie and he proceeded to get ready for work and tell me that he no longer loved me.

Share your stories below!