Hello Friday!!

Linking up with Christina, Amanda, and Karli! I can't believe that it is Friday already. This week flew by for me and I am so busy today and tomorrow and I just want to take a breathe before school starts.
Don't take the above sentence wrong, I am super happy it's Friday because I have lots to look forward to today and tomorrow!!

1/ Favorite Song

Vacation - Thomas Rhett
So catchy and it makes me want to go somewhere!

2/ Favorite Workout 

Want to get your sweat on?? Try this workout on for size!

3/(Not So) Greatest Moment Of The Week

When I say greatest, I mean the most epically embarrassing moment of the week. Lets go back a few days to my first day of nursing school orientation...I kept waiting for a e-mail with more information about what to expect/wear. When this e-mail didn't come, I e-mailed my advisor (by lunchtime the day before because I am a worry wart) and asked two questions - 1 question about a module and the 2nd question about what to bring/wear to orientation. Well she doesn't acknowledge question two so I assume that we just wear something more casual to orientation. I roll up in the parking lot around 7:30 that morning in a cute tshirt and workout pants. Now, I didn't look like a slob! I was comfy but had my hair and makeup done and looked put together but comfortable. Well...everyone, I repeat, EVERYONE getting out of their car was dressed up. In a panic I get out of my car, ask a girl if she's going to nursing orientation (she confirms this) and then ask her if we were required to dress up (also confirmed). A whole bunch of choice words ran through my head as I ran inside to talk to someone in charge. Well, lo and behold I was the only one out of about 130 students who did not receive the e-mail. Yep, mine went to the wrong e-mail address so I had no idea! It was horrifying, people stared, and I'm sure thought I was not so bright. I am off to a good start with nursing school!

My face when I pulled into the parking lot.

4/Crushing On...

I want one so bad...
Does anyone have a powder coated Yeti, RTIC, Ozark Trail, etc? Do you love it? Is it worth the price? I really want to order one so please tell me your experience with the powder coating if you have one!


Information overload during orientation

Sitting in all the traffic because the kids are moving in for college...

My inner voice speaking to me when I break out the Ben and Jerry's pint


Weekend Review

Linking up with Briana today to talk about one of my last weekends of freedom! 

I start classes in a week and I can't believe how fast the time has flown. I remember in June I was like oh I have two months until school starts and here we are! So I can guarantee that this upcoming weekend will be jam packed with all different fun things before I am a slave to nursing school :)

This past weekend I worked so that was a bit boring but Nick visited me and brought me coffee and food again! 

The rest of Saturday Nick and I ended up getting things done around the house. Not so fun but definitely productive! That night we were lazy bums and made our favorite grilled chicken salads and I finished the knife off with a s'more, which I documented on Snapchat.

On Sunday I started the morning off with a dog walk with my friend Amanda and her standard size Australian shepherd, Koda. Then I watched the Olympic individual show jumping rounds before heading off to aerial yoga, which is getting so much harder by the way! We have now graduated from doing most things on the knot to doing everything off the knot with a foot wrap.

Then we did boring things like grocery shop and later in the day I made the medjool date energy bites! They are so good! I highly recommend them.

Did you have a good weekend?



Linking up with Amanda, Karli, and Christina! I am looking forward to this weekend because not only is it my last Saturday at work but Nick and I are also going on a date night, which is always a favorite thing of mine! 

/Favorite Song

/Get In My Belly

My friend Amanda made these and they were SO good! She finally found the original recipe and sent it to me. Check it out here!

Energy Ball with Medjool Dates made by Marjory of The Dinner Mom.

/Current Obsession

This planner by Emily Ley. So back during my planner hunt I went with a LimeLife planner, which I do love! The reason why I chose it at the time was because they had a layout I liked and I could pick the month that I wanted the planner to start, which was huge in case I ended up going to another nursing school and starting in May. So...the other day I was out gift shopping for a friend and came across the Emily Ley planner in person and fell in love. The little OCD freak inside me fell in love at first sight. The day is broken down hour by hour and the other half of the page is a checklist that you can check off once you complete the tasks...AHHHH!!!

/Currently Waiting On

So I ordered some last minute stuff from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and managed to snag the Topshop Patchwork Oversize Cardigan that I was dying to get my hands on! It is shipping a bit later than the rest of my order but as long as it arrives I will be thrilled!


How I looked after deciding to do 6AM kickboxing again.

Finding out the the AHS teasers are just another way to throw us off the theme of the new season

When Nick continuously comes home late from work and I wait to have dinner with him


First Impression: Bite Beauty Opal Crème Lipstick

For Christmas my dad always comes through with some of the coolest makeup. This past Christmas I was so excited to see a Bite Beauty Lipstick in my stash and eagerly ripped the cap off to check out the color. To my surprise it looked white with some shimmer...what am I to do with it?!

This product has literally sat around for months and I finally decided that I had to give it a shot the other week so I tried it out and now I must have it in my life at all times.

I have always wanted a Bite Beauty Lipstick because I have heard wonderful things about them - and I missed the 3 pack specials they had on Sephora for the price of one and it kills me! - and even this Opal color did not disappoint. 

Opal is described as a "lipstick that is designed to be applied on its own for an iridescent finish, or apply top of any lip color to add ultraviolet dimension."

It find that the iridescent finish is very blue/purple toned and I love wearing it on top of pink lipstick or I love applying it on top of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Naked and Rush.

Bite Beauty Opal Crème Lipstick is not the longest wearing but the beautiful iridescent sheen looks beautiful on the lips and it is so unique. I am pleasantly surprised to say that this is going to become a staple in my beauty arsenal. 


Monday Thougths

Every Monday I am convinced that my weekends go by quicker and quicker. I really needed the weekend to slow down but instead we are beginning another week! 

So this weekend I thankfully didn't have to work so I spent the morning putting up pictures/organizing my office, thanks to the help of Nick.
That afternoon I went to my friend Amanda's to help her shave her fur baby, Koda! This is the second time we've shaved Koda and this time it definitely was more successful.

Naked Koda!

After finishing up our handy work, we made breakfast for dinner! It was so so good and we tried a protein pancake recipe that turned out incredibly good! 

Mmm, so good! 

Sunday started off with boring things like grocery shopping and cleaning and then I headed out to the barn to ride Oliver and spend time with Remi.
Oliver was so thrilled that I came to ride him again and Remi was bummed that we only spent 30 minutes walking around/grazing outside. Luckily for Remi, he only has another week until he should be cleared to ride!

Oliver preparing to go for a ride

Remi enjoying our time outside.

The rest of Sunday was fairly laid back, which was nice because I have been running around doing errands, letting a dog out, and I finally found a place to engrave my stethoscope! I also stumbled across the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley today and I must say I am in love because it breaks your day down by hours and the OCD in me is totally drawn to that.

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

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