Hey There Friday!

I have been looking forward to this Friday for about a month now. The reason being?? 
Check out my number one for this week - below!

Linking up with Karli and Amanda.

1//I am going to the beach! Ah relaxation, good company, good food, good drinks. What more could a girl want? 

2//How sweet is this?! I had this candle show up as a complete surprise in my mailbox all thanks to Nick. Surprises make my day.

3// Anyone have any products from Dose of Colors or LA Splash Cosmetics? I think they're liquid lipsticks are gorgeous and I am deciding what to order...
Any suggestions on your favorite colors or if you prefer one brand over the other?
Dose of Colors
LA Splash 

4//I am going to cave and buy a S'well Bottle. It's happening. I have stared at them forever and am finally taking the plunge. Now I am just deciding on which one I want...

5//Exciting news for Justin's Peanut Butter fans...They now come in mini's! I stumbled across these at my grocery store last week and I was so excited! My life is slightly more compete now.

Happy Weekending!


A Laid Back Weekend

I had a pretty boring weekend. But you know what? That was okay with me. As I prepare for the craziness that is the next 5 weekends of my life (beach, bachlorette, bridal shower, horse show, concert, etc) I was more than happy to lay on the couch, watch movies, and drink a beer.
I definitely felt like a granny as all the new freshman moved in (they are the class of 2019! AH what?!) and lived it up this weekend before classes started yesterday. I use to live for the weekend before classes started. Good days, good days.
Now I am very happy laying on the couch in my pajamas. 

While I may have not done much this weekend besides eat, sleep, have an interview, and buy a pair of horses had a much more productive weekend than I did.
Remi was away at a show and was a good little boy and ended up champion in his division!

Velvet enjoyed being spoiled by all the kids at her barn...
Such a ham.

On Sunday Nick and I were totally lazy but I did manage to scrounge up dinner at the last minute, and if you know me then you know that cooking - especially last minute - is not my thing. 
Thanks to the internet and the fact that you can search for "easy" and "quick" dinner ideas is my only saving grace.
I think it turned out successful enough. 

This week is a bit crazy but I am enjoying some quiet time this morning as the little one I am watching is still asleep. Ah sweet bliss!
How was your weekend?


Hey There Friday

Linking up With Karli and Amanda on this lovely Friday.

Since I currently do not work in an office, I will attribute this to how I feel when I finish my last class on Friday's - close enough!

1:: You May Have A Starbuck's Problem When...

2:: When Your Friend Comes To An Unfortunate Epiphany...
The only context I can give you about the above convo is that it involves a boy...

3:: Life Is Short So Buy The Shoes - Oh Nevermind You Are Broke

Look at these babies!! I literally drooled over them all day yesterday. They are so perfect and you can find them here.

4:: The Fate Of My Future Lies In A Seemingly Plain Envelope...
In this envelope lies my application/transcripts/all the other fun paperwork I need to apply to nursing school - wish me luck as I turn it in!

5:: When In Doubt Go To Target
And while you are there make sure to forget what you originally went in for and hit up the makeup isle instead to discover that your target finally has the new Maybelline Matte Lipsticks you have been searching for for months now. Then at 10:30 that night while you are home make sure to remember what you were actually seeking in Target and therefore make an online order that consists of more items than just that one thing...Addiction? Nah.

That's all she wrote!


A Bridesmaid on a Budget/Doing Your Own Makeup

This is my first year being invited to/involved in weddings. Not only do I get to be involved, but I am also a Maid of Honor in one of them!
Being involved in a wedding isn't cheap. In order to save some money I elected to do my own makeup as I am fairly confident in my makeup abilities - hair not so much, so that is where I'm splurging.

I have to start some makeup trial runs soon but in the meantime I have been trying to decide what look I am going for. These are my current inspiration pictures and maybe one of these pictures will help you. These looks are neutral enough that you could wear them as a quest at a wedding or basically anytime you feel the want to put on some make up!

All of these photos via this board on Pinterest 

I am going to try to recreate some of these looks and blend a few of the looks until I decide what is right for me. They are all beautiful and within a few weeks I will hopefully have created my look from these pictures!


You're Getting Old When Your Friends Start Getting Married

How you realize that you are getting old...Your friends start getting married and people start talking about children/grand babies. 
When did this all happen? I am not quite sure. 

So remember in my last post when I said I had many things going on this weekend? Couldn't be more true. First and foremost...this is how I spent the majority of my ride to Harmony for the wedding.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nick... 

Not only did I drag the new boyfriend to a wedding within a month of us dating but I also forced him to meet my parents as I had to drop the dogs off. Never fear though because not only did we get to go through the fun of my parents, but I also got to meet his. 

The wedding was good. I am not near as close to this friend as I use to be but I wanted to show up because I am happy for her. She is the first of my friends to get married and in about a month and a half my good friend Mitzi is getting married. Ah, we are getting so old! It is exciting though.

So since both Nick and I fail miserably we managed not to get a picture until we left the wedding and since it was in the car it is blurry, but enjoy nevertheless.

As I open a new chapter in my book, I closed an old one by getting rid of my engagement ring this weekend. 
And speaking of new chapters...I have to brag once again about my baby girl with her new rider because she was champion in both her divisions at the show! Get 'em lady!

Relaxing after being a champ!

The dogs also had a good weekend while visiting Grandma and Grandpa and then they snoozed on the car ride back last night.

So I had a very interesting/fun weekend. How was yours?!