Monday's Hopes and Plans!

Hopes and Plans

Happy Monday! And it is a happy Monday since it's Labor Day - well if you are not working, that is.

I managed to complete all of last weeks Hopes and Plans except make an appointment to consign come that will roll over to this week!

Here we go!

{1} Call and make an appointment to consign some clothes

{2} Send a picture ID to my lovely school so that my account will no longer be deactivated

{3} E-mail the potential new school and ask some questions about the application process

{4} Complete another full body HIIT Workout this week! One down today, one to go!

Do you have any hopes and plans for the week?

Wednesday I hope to have my August favorites up and running :)


TGIF - Confession Time!

Happy Friday blogger friends! Are you excited for the weekend? Only one quiz and work stands in the way of mine. 
Are you doing anything fun for the three day weekend? Daniel does not have Monday off (farmer life y'all) but I am hoping my parents can come visit for a day or two! 

So shall we get to the confessions? Join the fun by going to Leslie's blog

{1} I confess that I am so darn excited that it is football season! This makes me want fall and all the cute clothes and warm food that comes along with it! You can cool down anytime now weather...

{2} I confess that my day ended with a bang yesterday when I managed to get a piece of glass stuck in my heal last night. It happened in Daniel's truck and I don't even know how it got there but it certainly found its way into my heal. I didn't even know what it was at first but Daniel figured it out after he pulled it out - ouch! 

{3} I confess that I had a man - who I waved to and he didn't wave back! - return to his home while I was walking the dogs on by. This man proceeded to come after me and ask if my dogs were the one's who pooped in his yard. I promptly informed him that it was not my dogs (but thanks for targeting me since I was the only one out at that time) and if it were my dogs, I would pick it up with my poop bags that I proceeded to show him, since I had already picked up Ash poop earlier. Rude. 

{4} I confess that I learned we are supposedly having a very cold winter again this year and it makes me want to buy sweaters, scarves, boots, etc! 

That is it for this Friday. I hope everyone has a great long weekend!


So You're Thinking About Starting HIIT Workouts...

Happy hump day blog friends! 
We are half way through the week which means we are that much closer to the weekend! 

Today's post is about my favorite, follow along, HIIT workouts. 
I didn't do HIIT workouts for a while because I wasn't sure how to perform all of the moves correctly.
Instead of googling every single one and trying to remember it when I got to the gym, I found two woman who film their workouts so that you can follow along and see exactly what you are suppose to be doing!
If you do not want to perform these at a gym - have no fear! You can follow along at home and stream it on your TV, if you have the ability :) 

Both these women have a variety of HIIT workouts that range from short to long as well as focusing on different parts of your body.
If you are interested an want to take a look:

1) Cyclone Fit

2) Christine Salus

Do not let the full body workouts scare you away. Both women have 15 min HIIT workouts that you can easily incorporate into your routine! 
Take a look and enjoy! 
Let me know if you complete any of the workouts or if you have any workouts that you truly enjoy and want to share. 


Hopes and Plans

Today I am linking up with Amanda to bring you my hopes and plans for the week!

Lets get to it

One:: Make an appointment to consign some fall clothes.

Two:: Follow up on Daniel's Christmas present and see whats going on with that.

Three:: I will receive my NLN Pax scores this week and my hope is that I did well enough so that I do not have to take them again.

Four:: Celebrate the nuggets Birthday! They turned one today!

Five:: To do another total body workout along with my HIIT cardio for the week! 

That's it! Do you have any hopes and/or plans?


Lets Confess

I'm so sorry but I just had to add this picture this Friday since everyone is going back to college.
I must admit that I feel this picture is a good representation of what I have seen during my first weekends back to college!

Want to play along, go to Leslie's blog by clicking here!

{1} I confess that I am starting to see all the fall stuff in stores, magazines, websites, etc. but it is still a blazing 100 degrees here and I am so over it. Fall weather where are you?!?!

{2} I confess that I am frustrated with the gym and working out. I have gained a little weight since last summer (not much - most things still fit but I want them to fit like they did last summer) and have really kicked it into high gear with my workout routine and eating. I tend to stay away from the scale because I like to judge based on how my clothes fit, not a number - but I haven't lost a lb. In fact I think I gained one and I really do not see how this is possible. I know it's only been a two week change but I figured something would happen. Ugh.

{3} I confess that my love of Alex and Ani has been rekindled. It's not that I ever stopped liking their stuff, my obsession stage died down slightly. Well not it's back and I feel the need to get dressed up so that I can wear all my cute stuff!

{4} I confess that with my schedule and nannying this semester I never wear anything cute or put on makeup and this saddens me. Daniel has promised that we could go out this weekend so that I can get dolled up. Sad but true folks!

{5} I confess that as I was going through bins of clothes trying to decide what to donate, I found all my cute summer shirts that have been MIA! Now I just need to try them all on and make sure everything fits! 

That's all she wrote!

Are you ready for fall? What is your go to gym routine?