Hopes and Plans

Hello and welcome to a short week everyone! 
I am thrilled that the Holidays are about to be in full swing!

Hopes and Plans

For today I am linking up with Amanda to bring you my Hopes and Plans for the week.

1:: Get Boone's harness fixed. I have continuously dropped the ball on this one because he walks just fine without his harness but I really prefer him to be in it for security purposes.

2:: Consign clothes. This HAS to happen! I have a pile of clothes that have been chilling in the spare bedroom for a while just waiting for the fall weather to come around. Time to get rid of them!

3:: I am hoping that Thanksgiving day will go as planned. AKA Daniel and I will spend time with his family and then (hopefully!) make it to my parents without sitting in traffic for a long period of time. Here's to hoping!

4:: Ride the horses before going to my parents. This usually isn't a problem but with all the rain we have been getting I don't know how much I'll be able to squeeze in.

5:: Clean the house, completely, before going to my parents. This way I won't have to worry about the house when I get home on Sunday. I have high expectations for this one...

6:: Keep to a normal blogging schedule. I cannot guarentee this one because of the Holiday this week but I will try my best!


Confession Friday!

Time for some more confessions! Join the fun by linking up with Leslie!

Lets do this!

{1} Major confession time...
I have a new horse!! I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with him but his name is Remi and he was such a good boy today in this crappy weather. I have been super impressed with him so far.

{2} I confess that poor Boone was bit by something earlier this week and the top of his nose and lips swelled up! I have no idea what could have bit him but he is all better now!

{3} I confess that Daniel and I will be seeing Garth Brooks tomorrow night! I am very excited that my dad was able to get tickets.

{4} I confess I decorated my mantle. It happened. I had a vision of what I wanted to do and then it just happened! 

{5} I confess that I need to vacuum later today and I don't want to...
The struggle :)


Thankful Thursdays {Link-up}

Hey everyone! 
This week I am participating in a new link-up called Thankful Thursdays and you can join in by visiting this lovely lady here!

The topic of this week is when are you thankful?

-When Daniel takes the dogs out at night and first thing in the morning so I don't have to be out and about in the dark

-When my mom is there to listen. This includes everything from break-ups to new relationships, bad horse days and good horse days, bad grades and good grades, etc. Since I am on the mom topic I would like to say Happy Birthday Mom! :)

-When my dad always does his best to help me in any way he can. This includes helping me with school work (lots of school work), trying to understand why I was so emotional over a boy that really didn't matter, always picking up my favorite meals when I am back in town, taking my to my hair appointment when my mom was sick, etc. 

-When my sister calls randomly to ask random questions like "do you know where mom and dad are?" - Mind you I am about 3 hours away and have no idea. You may drive me crazy little one but you sure can put a smile on my face.

-When the dogs use the bathroom fast - especially now that it's cold.

-When my hard work pays off

-When the horses are good boys and girls and don't attempt to kill me in this cold, windy, weather

I hope you have a good Thursday and I will see you tomorrow for confession Friday!


What Living a Healthier Lifestyle Has Taught Me

I am changing it up a bit this week on my posting schedule! Trying a few new things since I have the time this week :)

My sophomore year of college I decided to make a lifestyle change. I decided that I was going to be a healthier version of myself. That was the easy part. I had no idea there would be so many struggles along the way - I mean, if you eat better and work out how can it be hard?? Well, trust me, it can be hard.

Here are a few things I have learned along the way.

1|| Being healthy includes a combination of eating well AND exercising
Don't get me wrong, just changing one habit (i.e. exercising when you never did or eating healthier in general ) is great, but if you want to see major results you need to change both. 

2|| Start with small changes and work your way up
In the beginning of my lifestyle change I made small changes. I cut out all pop/soda, I switched from white bread and white rice to wheat bread and brown rice, I ate smaller portion sizes, I started packing my meals, and I started listening to my body. If I was full I was done eating. Now I eat healthier than ever before and crave fruit and veggies. Crazy how that happens, right?!

3|| Don't get too crazed in your eating ways that you don't enjoy yourself
Eat dessert people. I knew I could not cut out all sweets or I would go crazy and binge later. In order to satisfy my sweet tooth I save dessert for special events or if I am absolutely craving something - ahem, female problems. 

4|| Set goals for yourself
While you know a lifestyle change is a definite positive, keeping the motivation to continue to eat well and get your butt to the gym is hard. We live busy lives and trying to incorporate something that may make us moan on days is difficult. Set little goals for yourself in order to keep motivated. I decided not to do a weight goal (but you certainly can!) and instead I opted for a how hard I workout goal. For example, when I first started doing cardio it was rough. I worked my way from a rough 20 minute cardio session to an easy 30 minute session. Once I was able to cardio it up for 30 minutes comfortably, I started adding intervals.

5|| You will take a few steps back
Be realistic with yourself and your workouts. I still have and will always have days where I struggle to do something that is normally easy. There are days I feel so crappy or tired that I don't even make it to the gym because I know it is not worth it. There are other days where I am struggling to do a workout that is normally easy. It happens. Just keep on going!

6|| Finding a routine that works best for you is hard
Incredibly hard! I am still working on this! There is no set amount of time/cardio/weight that will make you lose weight. Everyone's body is different and our bodies will react different to the same workout than someone else's. So I started out doing just cardio and learned that I have to do lots of high intensity intervals in order to lose weight (most people do). I did lose weight but then I decided that I wanted to be more toned so I started with weight and then started doing full body HIIT workouts. The full body HIIT workouts are great but I gained weight - granted it was muscle - but I was annoyed that my thighs weren't fitting into my jeans even though I liked the way I looked. Now I have swapped a day of full body HIIT for an extra day of high intensity cardio. It's all about adapting and changing! So far I am liking how this is working out and will keep it up for a while unless I feel that something else needs to be altered. 

Phew, just thinking about a lifestyle change can seem exhausting but I can promise you that I am incredibly happy with my choice and am so thrilled that I took the plunge. It is a tough road physically and mentally so I wanted to shed some light on some of the frustrations you will likely encounter. 


Confession Friday!

Hey lovelies! Another Friday has rolled around (hallelujah!) and it is cold here! 
Not freezing like some other states but when you go from 75 degree weather to 45 within a seems even colder! 
How is the weather around your parts?

If you want to join the link-up click the button below!

{1} I confess that I thought I was outsmarting mother nature by doing my workout at home today. That way I wouldn't have to step outside/live outside until I make it to the horse show later this morning. Well the nuggets decided that mom's workout meant attack mom time! The struggle was real this morning. 

{2} I confess that I was late to jump on the bandwagon but last night Daniel and I finally watched A Fault In Our Stars. *Cue the tissues.* Totally lost it - not that I expected anything less.

{3} While I am on the topic of TV I will confess that I was also completely behind in life and started watching Supernatural on Netflix. Why did I not start watching this sooner?! Plus I may have a school girl crush on Jensen Ackles (Dean)

{4} I confess that my dad bought me this little frother for Christmas about two years ago and it has sat unappreciated until now. Now I am making my Chai latte's at home and wasn't very impressed until I started frothing almond milk and putting it on top. So good! 

That's all she wrote!