Fun Filled Friday!

Welcome back lovelies! I hope your week has been good and dry.
I have had a good week but have not stayed dry at all and there is more rain to come!

Lots of exciting things going on this weekend so let me get to the Friday favorites.

Linking up with Karli and Amanda!

1: Hurricane Joaquin

We have had a pretty slow hurricane season but leave it to mother nature to bring us a hurricane on the wedding weekend of my good friends. They planned on having an outside ceremony but that isn't likely to happen now. It will still be beautiful and I know everyone will have a good time regardless!

2: Funnies

I stumbled across this on Facebook and I just found it to be hysterical. I always hope for some wild random text (I did get one once but failed to come up with a good comeback) where I can mess with the person and have said person participate back.

3: My Baby Horse Is Growing Up

While I was not able to attend the horse show (and thankfully it all worked out, as the area is expecting so much rain, the barn is headed home yesterday!), my baby horse rocked it! He has come such a long way and I am so thrilled with him!

4: This Speaks To Me

I very much dislike when someone texts back 'k.' No, no, and no. For anyone who feels the same way I do about such a vague text you should enjoy the above funny.

5: Dog Shaming

It cracks me up every single time! I just can't get enough!


Reliving My Glory Days...Kinda

This weekend I decided that I am officially old beyond my years. 
I use to be able to go out two nights in a row, stay out late, and do it again the next day.
This weekend I learned that two days of being out is about all I can handle...And I may not handle it as well as I use to.

Back in my college days I could easily go out Friday night and tailgate all of Saturday/go out that night. This weekend I learned that hitting a concert on a Friday night and then being at a tailgate at 9:30 in the morning was a lot for me to handle. Then when I had someone ask me to go out that night I happily turned them down to trudge back to my house and bed.

Friday night was a long (for my old self) but so much fun. Minus being rained on ALL weekend, I had a good time! Nick and I left for the Luke Bryan concert when Nick got off work. The concert itself was so incredibly fun. This is the second time I have seen Luke and he never dissapoints.

Yep, it's blurry and crappy and it's all I managed to get.

That night Nick and I didn't make it back until about 1AM and I was half asleep in the truck and Nick had to have me talk to him in order to stay awake. We were doing real well that night folks. 

Saturday morning called for a 6:30 wake up call and I wanted to die when the alarm went off. The first thing out of Nick's mouth that morning was, "Do you want a beer?" 
Me: "No"
Nick: "Me either"
Side note: This is when I realized that 5 hours of sleep was not enough and that I would rather have stayed in bed than gotten up to drink and hang out. College Hanna would have gladly rolled out of bed to do all of these things. 
After making necessary stops (Nick's work so we could get the radio, breakfast, beer, etc.) we were in the lot at 9:30, went to the game at 3:30, got home at 8, and fell asleep on the couch at 9:30. You see that?! I can't even make it until 10pm anymore! It's kinda sad. I did have a lot of fun at the game even though it rained almost all day and then I discovered that my raincoat was not so water proof anymore and I was so incredibly wet by the end of the game. Fun times. 

This is literally the only time it wasn't raining, and yes, I did play flip cup and remembered why I always liked beer pong better.

The weekend was too much for Nick and he napped while I went to the gym.

This pretty much sums it up on Saturday night.

How was your weekend?


Hows It Going This Friday?

Today I am linking up with Karli and Amanda!

I get to see this man in concert tonight! Besides the fact that it will be raining for most the day and night, I am looking forward to it!

Yes I shamelessly posed my Starbucks cup with my horse yesterday. So can we all just take a minute to admire the fall cups?? Also I tried the new Toasted Graham Latte yesterday and while it was good I wasn't blown away.

I am a sucker for anything miniature! I did not pick these up (and slightly regret it), but I still think they are adorable! They also had mini mason jar shot glasses that I also wanted - but I restrained myself!


So instead of buying the mini shot glasses, I made a more worth while and practical purchase (for me) and bought the Rewined Spiked Cider candle! I love these candles but have not had this scent before and very much like it. 

Friday funny!


Falling For Fall Link-Up

Today I am linking up with Pink Persistence to talk about fall! 

Fall is my favorite season and I have been craving it ever since we've hit the 60's in the mornings and evenings. If only we would hit 60's as our highs. Since it is officially fall now (YES!!), I am going to tell you about some of my favorite things for the fall season and just a few general things that I am thankful for that have happened recently.

+Fall footwear. If you read my Friday Favorites post then you already saw my obsession with fringe booties. I also have a tall boot obsession, duck boot problem, and I found these new babies this past weekend. Can we say bum around town and still look cute in these?

+Fall nail polish. I was a bit ahead of the game and painted my nails a dark red the other week because I am just a lover of neutral and red nail colors. My new favorite is Essie's Very Cranberry.

+I am thankful for the people who have paid for my drink in the Starbucks line the past two weeks. Yes, I have had two separate occasions in the last two weeks in which people ahead of me have paid for my drink. This fall I also plan on paying it forward.

+I am thankful that I can pull out my dark red lipsticks and lip colors. I am not a believer that you must only wear dark reds in the fall and winter but I tend to do lighter makeup in the summer and don't touch my darker lipsticks unless it's a special occasion. In the fall when it is cool, aka when I don't sweat all my makeup off and want to wear a little more than BB cream, I reach for my dark red lipsticks immediately - like this one!

Buxom Menace

+This fall I am committed to keeping up my workout routine and my healthier eating. I fit into a size 2 dress this weekend you all! It may be a big size two for all I know but the tag says 2 and I have never fit into something that said 2 - except maybe once in my life. 

+Football and tailgating! I get to tailgate for the first time this season on Saturday and I could not be more excited! Now I just have to decide what to wear...


Friday Favorites!

Linking up with Karli and Amanda on this lovely Friday.

The cool weather and all this talk about fall has gotten me obsessed with booties. Not just any booties, but booties with fringe! This is wild if you know me. I am not a fringe type of girl but I have recently been loving booties such as these and these.

My S'well water bottle is what I am currently loving. For anyone who asks...I describe it as a cute thermos. I also totally recommend that everyone go out and purchase one because I just can't get enough of mine and now I want another in a different color!

Yes, I was in the Starbucks line and no I did not plan on coordinating my nails and shirt to my just kinda happened and clearly I am a fan of the colors.

I had a rough Friday last Friday. As a little surprise my mom got me a new Gigi of New York phone case because there was a rep in town and they stamped my initials into it! So much love!

Life has been a bit hectic lately so I have decided that this is my current motto and outlook...

Can we also talk about my new sunglass obsession? I don't know why I have a wild hair for the unusual this fall, but between the fringe booties and these sunglasses...well lets just say I may have lost my mind a little? 

Have a lovely Friday!