Hey There Friday!

I am so happy that it is Friday. This weekend is jammed pack full of things to do so I may not get much rest, but here's to hoping!

Glitter Pumpkins
While I may have not gotten around to my large pumpkin yet, I did manage to take the time and glitter my little pumpkin and I am quite happy with how it turned out!

POM Pomegranate Tea
I grabbed a bottle of this while in Fresh Market last weekend and it is good! I plan on trying out a few other flavors this coming week.

Coffee RealBeanz
This coffee made with coconut water is incredibly good. I have a bad Starbucks fetish but cannot always afford it so I was happy to find a drink I could buy at the store that is good! They also have a caramel one that I will be trying

Maroon 5's New Single Animal
Such a catchy song! I have been listening to it constantly

Fall Shoes
I am obsessed with all things boots and I now have my eye on the Frye Carson Wedge Bootie. How versatile these booties are!  

I have a busy weekend ahead but I am so looking forward to dinner with Daniel on Saturday night. 
Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


Baked Oats

Hello lovelies! 
I bring you my new favorite breakfast obsession now that it is cooling down.

Baked oats

You will need:
-Milk or almond milk
-Chocolate Chips
-Almond butter/peanut butter, etc

-Take a 1/2 of cup of oats
-1/2 cup of almond milk
-2/3rd mashed banana
-1tsp of vanilla
-Chocolate chips to your hearts desire

+Mix all the above ingredients together and stick ramekin in oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes

+Once your oats are complete, top with any type of almond butter or peanut butter that you wish! I usually do almond butter or a tiny bit of chocolate peanut butter.

If you try this out, let me know what you think!
Next week I am hoping to try out a new lunch - homemade chicken salad (with greek yogurt) stuffed into peppers.

Happy hump day!

The Hump Day Blog Hop


Ways to Jazz Up Your Pumpkins

Hello and happy Monday

Yesterday Daniel and I went to pick out some pumpkins. We ended up with two small pumpkins and two large pumpkins.

I have always carved my pumpkins in the past but started thinking about some other ways to decorate  my pumpkins this year. After doing some research last night here are some other ways to jazz up your pumpkin festivities this year!

1: Pumpkin Drilling

I am seriously thinking of doing this to my pumpkin. How simple yet beautiful are these pumpkins?

How beautiful is this Tinker Bell design? Tinker Bell is a carving and the drill was used to create her pixie dust! 

2: Stacked Pumpkins

 You can easily put these in a pot, paint them, or add some leaves, etc!

3: Fishnet Pumpkins

4: Glitter Pumpkins

Ahh glitter...You can do so much with glitter!

I glittered my little pumpkins last year (one purple, one gold) and I think I am going to do glitter initials on the little ones this year...

I hope this has inspired you during your pumpkin decorating festivities!
Are you going to carve your pumpkin or do something else this year? Share you ideas below!


Confession Friday

Today is a beautiful Friday in October.
We are finally seeing the weather cool down a bit and I cannot wait for the temperature to drop even more!

This weekend I have a horse show but I am hoping Daniel and I will have some time to go get some pumpkins and mums! 
Have you been enjoying fall so far?

This Friday I have a few confessions to share with you all and if you wish to share head on over here to join in on the fun!

{1} I confess that I have a new breakfast obsession. It still involves oats and I will give you a little sneak preview...
P.S. it's warm and perfect for the cooler weather ;) 

{2} I confess that I am obsessed with THIS scarf and I am trying to convince myself that I do not need to spend important money on it and save my money for food - because food is important to

{3} I confess that it has taken me a bit of time to get use to my hair and I really like it. I think I may let it grow out just a bit (to my collarbone) and see what I think about the length. I don't want my hair to be as long as it was so I am trying to find the 'perfect' length for now. 

{4} I confess that I am obsessed with neutral colored nail polish currently. Between Essie's Hot Cocoa, Essie's Cocktails and Coconuts, and OPI's How Great is Your Dane - just to name a few. I am trying to get my hands on Sand Tropez and Take It Outside (by Essie) next, but they always seem to be sold out.

Essie's Cocktails and Coconuts

{5} I confess that the one Starbucks I frequent the most can we say addicted mentioned to me that the Oprah Chi is seasonal and that they no longer have it. What?! Has anyone else heard this? I am now drinking their regular Chi's (which are good) but I miss my Oprah Chi's! 

Do you have anything you wish to confess this Friday? 
Let me know below!


Hairstyles for Shoulder/Medium Length Hair

As mentioned in my post on Monday, I had my hair cut over the weekend and went from long to shoulder length!
I have been loving my new hair thus far and while I haven't had a ton of time to play around with it, I have looked at ways to style medium length hair.

On a normal, daily, basis I spritz some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray into my hair, scrunch it, and go. I do want to play with defining my waves some more so as soon as I do I will have a picture for you guys.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some hairspiration for medium hair then take a look at some of these tutorials

Classic Hairstyle 

3 Ways to Style

Messy Waves

Note: Her hair is shorter than mine but you can follow her technique on any length hair to get gorgeous waves

If you are using any heat on your hair make sure to use a heat protectant in order to minimize damage!