Five on Friday!

Any fun Holiday parties this weekend?
Wrapping presents? 
All of the above?

Today I am joining Caroline to bring you 5 on friday!

Boone wanted to help me wrap presents the other day so naturally I 'wrapped' him in a scarf!
Adorable, no?

My mom sent me a Tarte 12 Days of Christmas calendar! 
I love getting travel sized goodies so that I can try all the new products out and decide what is worth getting at full price.

This year I decided to go a little different with my Christmas nails.
Instead of red I ended up doing a purple and did a gold accent nail. The purple is shellac by OPI and the color is Get Cherried Away

While it is a long way away...
I can't help but stare at houses that I one day hope to have/build.
My current obsession is this one: 
The porch! 

I am dying to perfect this hairstyle
So far not so good...

Happy Friday!


Quick and Easy Pizza Roll Ups

Don't those look good?

I know, I could have taken a better picture but you are lucky to even have one before I devoured it!
Meet your fast, yummy, and fairly healthy new meal - Pizza Roll Ups

Here is what you'll need:
Wheat tortillas 

Marinara sauce 

Light shredded mozzarella cheese

What you do:
Scoop some sauce onto your wheat tortilla

Place cheese (and whatever else you please) on top of your pizza

Place on a cooking sheet and stick in the oven for 5 minutes on 350 degrees

It is that simple and that is why I made one after getting home from the barn (and not eating) until 4 this afternoon. Phew!

You can add anything you want to yours. I was lazy today because I was starving and just slapped some cheese on mine but spinach, onions, olives, mushrooms, etc would also be good!

Please enjoy!


Today I Will Be Happier Than a Bird With a French Fry

With all the stress that surrounds the Holidays I have to take the time to remind myself that today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry!

It all started Saturday morning when I finally had to chance to do yoga (can you say no longer flexible?!) and zumba on Saturday morning! I haven't been able to do this for months so I was thrilled to get back into it.
After having my own personal zumba lesson I was able to pick an ornament from the box at the gym and low and behold it had that great little quote on it!

My luck continued as Daniel ended up getting off work early and we were able to go to lunch and binge on Supernatural!

Sunday I had to work but Daniel and I were able to run a few errands and clean the house!

This morning I spent quality time with my girl in case she goes off to a new person for a little bit

Enjoying our trail ride with Bethany and Ashley (not pictured)

Tonight we were able to go see Christmas lights at a place called Mike's farm!

I wish we had gotten a better picture!


Five on Friday!

And what a busy Friday it has been!
I recently arrived home and was able to shower/take a breath and present you with this post! 
Today I am linking up with Caroline to bring you five things on Friday!

1:: I am so excited for dinner tonight! Daniel and I (along with his brother and sister in law) are going to the Boiler room! It is a burger and oyster place and boy is it good! It also features my favorite local beer so how can I not like it?! I am not an oyster person but I really do enjoy their butterbean burger.

2:: My new addiction - Soda Crush
I don't know why but I enjoy this one better than Candy Crush even though it is the exact same thing.
So if you like Candy Crush then go check out Soda Crush!

3:: I know I mentioned it in a past post (please forgive me for showing the picture to you twice) but I cannot stop thinking about Simply Natural Creamery and their delicious ice cream! I have to go back and try the peanut butter cup (among other flavors) because the ice cream is incredible. 

4:: Since it is five on Friday I will share with you a grueling little five minute ab workout that you can repeat more than once if you like! I did it this morning, along with another ab workout, and you will feel it! 

5:: Please enjoy my current obsession favorite song! Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

Happy Friday!


Chocolate Chip {Reeses} Cookie Muffins

If you like Reeses then prepare to make and eat a ton of these things! 
They certainly aren't healthy but boy are they good.

And did I mention that they are super simple to make?

Here is what you'll need:
1. Cookie Dough (unless you make your own!)
2. Miniature Reeses Cups (I used dark chocolate this year)
3. Small muffin/cupcake tray
4. Pam

What to do:
1. Pam the muffin tray
2. Roll cookie dough into small balls (golf ball size) and place in tray
3. Stick in oven - following the directions on the cookie container
4. A few minutes before cookies are done cooking, get out Reeses and unwrap as many as you need
5. As soon as the cookie muffins come out of the oven place a Reeses into the middle of each one

And there you have it! 
A fast, easy, and delicious treat that most people will enjoy!

P.s. Sorry for the non-glamorous picture. I made another batch of these last night and remembered that I wanted to share with you all!