Freaky Friday {Link-ups}

Today I am linking up with these lovely ladies:

Currently crunching on these lovely chocolate yogurt covered banana chips from Fresh Market. I have a major sweet tooth and in order to not completely indulge myself in food I do not need I munch on a few of these instead to kill my cravings.

Currently crushing on these sweat pants from Lou and Grey. Can we say comfortable?! Seriously do yourself a favor and buy a pair or two!
Please note the ones in the link aren't exactly the ones I have but the only difference is that my pockets don't zip. Also, I bum around in mine, haha.

We experienced two beautiful days with temperatures in the 60's so I decided to bathe Remi. This is the aftermath...

Remi 1 - Bath 0

Tuesday night I had a scare when someone range the doorbell at 7PM. I am a bit of a coward when alone at night - especially when the porch light doesn't work. This was me...

I am so excited for:
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!
Link Here!


Get Your Shine On - Makeup Highlighters That Is!

When it comes to makeup I am a huge highlight freak. I have a range of different highlighters that I normally reach for but that doesn't mean I am not continuously on the hunt for another gorgeous highlight shade!

When I heard that there was a gorgeous drugstore brand shade highlighter I just had to get my hands on it. Introducing Milani Bella Chiffon!

I am in love. It is a part of the Milani Bella eyeshadow range but I use it as a highlight on my cheekbones and it is my go to inner corner shade every time I have done my eyes recently.

It is cream/white color with a gorgeous gold tint. The formula itself is very pigmented and finely milled. If you are looking for a good priced highlighter then definitely check this out! 

What is your favorite highlighter? Tell me below!


The Greene Women Take Raleigh {Weekend Fun}

I hope plenty of you have been enjoying your long weekend!
For those of you who do not have a long weekend - I am sorry and Daniel is working and feels your pain.

This weekend was exciting and eventful! 
Saturday night Daniel and I headed out for date night and went to the Boiler Room to enjoy Burgers and oysters. Well Daniel enjoyed oysters. I had my usual butter bean burger and it never disappoints! 
We ventured away from our usual appetizer of pimento cheese and ordered the chili cheese fries instead. Oh my gosh, you guys they were incredibly sloppy and good! It wouldn't be a good date night without having some beer to wash all the food down :) 

Sunday morning I drove to Raleigh to meet my mom and my sister to get our hair done and spend some time together. 
This was a rare occurrence because my sister just doesn't get up that early but my mom managed to drag her out of bed just so we can have moments like this one.

After our hair appointment we headed to brunch at Mia Francesca and it was incredibly good.

I had the Benedict and yes those are crispy risotto cakes under the poached eggs! 
I also had a Grand Mimosa and did not get a picture because I was to busy drinking it. 

After rolling out of the restaurant we did a little shopping and I discovered my new favorite store - Lou and Grey. We all know I am a neutral type of lady - neutral nails, neutral eye makeup, etc. These clothes are comfy and go with anything. Win/win yea?!

After a long and fun Sunday I went home and promptly crashed on the couch with many plans for Monday.
Today ended up being a beautiful day so I had to take a trip to the barn and visit Remi.
So while I worked on my grey washing skills, Remi slowly learned how to be a patient little show horse in training. I scrubbed his socks and did his tail. Works in progress people - especially the tail.

This is Remi's "Mom are we done yet?" face.
Patience little grasshopper, patience. 

How has your weekend been?


Friday Funday!

Today I am linking up with these lovely ladies:

My saddle pads are ready to go for show season!
It took me so long to find someone who does outside monograming, but finally I did!
I am so happy with how they turned out and now I am ready to premiere them on schooling day at the horse shows.

Booty Barre! 
The gym I am a member at is finally getting a room set up for booty barre and I am so excited.
I have heard people rave about Booty Barre and Pure Barre and have been dying to try it out.

I apologize if you have already been bombed with info about Maroon 5's music video for Sugar - but honestly it is adorable! I would die of happiness if Maroon 5 showed up at my wedding unannounced!

Link to Video

I have been on a cupcake (Gigi's Cupcakes) binge recently. I happened to make a few (unexpected) quick trips to Raleigh so of course I picked up cupcakes! This past weekend my mom came to visit and she stopped and picked me up some more cupcakes. After polishing off the last one I told myself I need to cut back. Well yesterday Daniel brought home a Nutella Croissant for me! Ah, so good but so bad!

I have been cheating on my oven oats recently. As much as I have enjoyed them during this cold and dreary/wet winter in the south - I needed a change. So I started making a breakfast smoothie with strawberries, bananas, oats, chocolate peanut butter, etc - SO good! It is now my new favorite smoothie. Do you have smoothies recipes that you love??

Not my picture


My Gym Bag Essentials

Today I am inviting you guys into the sweaty confines of my gym bag! Exciting, no?
It really isn't that sweaty but it is always packed with a few essentials.

1:: My BKR water bottle. I never go far without my water bottle because caffeine water is my lifeline. I have other water bottles that I am fond of but the bkr ones are just so cute!

2:: Lulu Lemon Small Towel. I love this towel. It is light weight, it is small, and most importantly it does not hold any workout stank! It has been washed plenty of times and is still fluffy. No complaints here!

3:: Yurbuds Inspire 200. I received these as a Christmas gift (thanks mom and dad!) and it has been love at first listen. The greatest thing about these earbuds is that they stay in my ears! First pair to ever stay put during my entire workout - even when I'm a sweaty mess. They are also magnetic which makes them easy keepers!

4:: Harbinger FlexFit Women's Gloves. I bought these when I started doing my HIIT workouts because my hands would get all sweaty and I had a hard time doing push ups or anything of the sorts.They are comfortable, washable, and they also have not held in any sort of stench from my sweaty hands :) Big win in my book.

5:: Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. I bought this stuff on a whim while in target and I love it! I usually head straight from the gym to the barn and before leaving the gym I douse my armpits with this stuff. It really is drying and it smells good. I appreciate any easy beauty product that allows me to feel cleaner than I am!  It's seriously dry shampoo for your arm pits.

6:: Buddy Fruits. I buy these in bulk and suck them down. I always have a few in my gym back because they are so easy and so convenient. They are a great snack when you are on the run.