Happy National Nurses Week!

Happy National Nurses Week to any and all nurses! 

I was lucky enough to officially graduate this past weekend and add BSN behind my name. Now it is onto the licensure exam so I can officially become an RN and get started with my job.

Here is a link to all the deals/specials that are going on for the week. 

Even though this is technically nurses week, the entire healthcare system would not run without all the healthcare professions working for a common cause. 


It's Finally Friday

Linking up with the lovely Amanda today to bring you my Friday favorites.


I am living for these boots. I would wear these all the time. At the barn, at the horse shows, out and about. They would look great with so many things.

Find them here!


I am in love with all of these colored mascara's! I really need to get my hands on a few and try them out! These one's from Urban Decay are really up my alley. All the colors are gorgeous! 

Buy them here!


I am gushing over these new Erin Condren planners! The designs are so stinking cute. I am especially loving this llama one. I have looked a lot of planners and the thing I like about the Erin Condren one's  is that you can choose two different 12 month styles and a 18 month style. 


I have started self-tanning again so that I am not as pale as casper the friendly ghost. I am currently using my St. Tropez tanning mousse with this mitt applicator.  While I have never had any complaints with my St. Tropez, I have also heard really good things about Loving Tan's mousse as well. I may give that one a go when I run out of my St. Tropez. 

Have you tried either one of these? Which do you prefer? If you have any other tanning secrets, let me know in the comment section!


I have gotten into the whole slip on trend. I usually live in my tennis shoes, but I when I actually wear something cute, I don't always want to be in my Miller Sandals even though I love them. I have the Joie Huxley Slip-Ons, which are fabulous but do tend to rub after a few hours. Here are some other slip on's I am crushing on. 

I think these are so adorable for summer.

I think the gold is gorgeous. They also have these in other colors, including options with different colored toe caps!

I have been eyeing these for a while and really need to get my hands on a pair

That's all for now. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Change Is In The {H}Air

A whole lot has been going on around here.

First and foremost, I have completed Nursing School! I am now the proud owner of two degrees and I do plan on going back for a graduate degree, but in the meantime I am going to work and gain experience.
This also means, the blog should be back in full swing before long. And yes, I have said that before, but nursing school just sucks the life out of you and makes you want to do nothing.

To celebrate graduation and freedom, I have also changed my hair color. 

This picture doesn't do my hair justice. It is this gorgeous blondie-mauve and I am so in love. 

Another new and exciting thing I have to share is my beautiful new boy, Lucas!
I can't remember if I shared him in a previous post and if I did, I would apologize but I am way too excited about this horse. You will see lots of him I'm sure.

And yes, I still have my darling Remi as well. Sweet thing is my right hand man currently while I work with baby Lcuas and experience the excitement of a green (essentially means, inexperienced) horse again.

I won't lie is so nice getting on Remi and realizing how far he's come and knowing that he's, usually, like an old cow pony now who does everything right. The nugget still likes to keep me on my toes though...

Please note that these adorable snacks are from snaks5thavenchew. Welcome to your animal's new addiction.



Linking up with Amanda, and Cup of Tea!

I hope you all have had a lovely week. I have no complaints. I am getting a taste of my soon to be normal work life and I have learned that night shift is no joke. So far I have had a wonderful experience on my unit and I am looking forward to my upcoming hours. I am also looking forward to some warmer weather! Once again, we got snow! Thankfully it was not near the amount of snow we had a few weeks ago, but I know there are places close by where people have been enjoying their snow days. 

Enough chit chat. Lets get down to the fun stuff!

I am a sucker for pretty little trinkets. That is why I am loving this adorable little tray. I love jewelry trays and always have to stop myself from buying them.

If you haven't heard of Reese Witherspoon's line Draper James then you are in luck! I am about to introduce you. While I am told myself that I cannot buy anything, let me introduce you to my favorite things! I am a sucker for cute dresses and I literally love every single Draper James dress. Here are my favorites: 1/2/3. I think the sale ended last night but dress 3 was on super sale. I would keep an eye out for these Lucky You sales in the future because the prices were fabulous.
P.s. Mom if you are reading this...I love dress number 1 ;)
This Hold Your Horses hat. It is currently sold out because it was on mega sale, but I love it!
I missed out on these pajamas as well but they are oh so cute so I wanted to share them.

Hi my name is Hanna, I am a caffeine addict and this is how I survive the day/night. In an effort to save my poor bank account from my Starbuck's addiction, I started making my Chai Tea Latte's at home. It's simple! All you need is this Chai Tea Concentrate, a frother, like this one, and your favorite milk or milk substitute. I use Almond Milk with mine. 

And of course my Celsius water in the Cola flavor. 

I'm hesitant to even post this because I am not sure if we can get it in the US, but this mascara is absolutely fabulous. My friend in Germany sent it to me in my Christmas package and I am in love! Seriously, German makeup is awesome and I cannot get enough of it. Even their drugstore brands are such good quality and the majority of them are cruelty free.
*Note: I can't find it in the US :'(

I have been all about skincare and face masks recently. I received this one for Christmas and I really love it. It smells so nice (honey/lavender) but not overpowering and it thickens into this wonderful paste. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Hooray Friday

Linking up with Amanda

The weeks just keep flying by and as always I have some favorites/things I love to share with you this Friday.

I snagged a few items from the Lila P sale including this top and a sweater that I can no longer find on the website. But they still have some great sweaters on sale! I bought the t-shirt because I have one and it goes with pretty much anything. Plus who doesn't love a cute flowy t-shirt?

Recently received this band for my Apple Watch and I am loving it. Plus the price range doesn't hurt! 

Need an upbeat song? Give this one a listen. I enjoy listening to this one when I work out.

I made this recipe this week and I love it so much. It's versatile so I didn't get bored eating it multiple days in a row. Seriously, give this one a go! Plus it can go in the CrockPot or Instant Pot (which I need to get!)

These have been my go to sweet treat this week. If you haven't heard of Sugarfina then I am sorry that I am the one who is leading you down the path of darkness. You can pick and choose in order to make your own bento boxes and I was a lucky girl and received two for Christmas and have happily been eating my way through them. 

And the chocolate is good as well! So many options, so little time.

Giphy's to explain my week!

Trying to navigate the first week of the semester

How I will walk into my first night shift...

What's truly going to happen on night shift

Online shopping like

Have a great weekend everyone!

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