Mid-week Happenings

Wednesday means we are half way there!

Since nothing significant came to me for my blog post today, I figured I would let you in on the random things/thoughts going on in my life currently.


+So there is this big horse show every summer in the mountains, which is wonderful because it's blooming hot here, and I am so bummed that it isn't working out this year for me. Soon I will be back there!

+I am such a Starbucks Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade Snob that I know when they don't include the lemonade. It tastes so much better with the lemonade and I don't know why half the time it is not included even when I ask for it to be.

+The dogs will be 11 months in two days, which means they are almost a year old. How did this happen?! They use to be little guinea pig lookalikes and now they are about to be a year old.

+I ordered a new saddle and it's not going to be here for three months. Sad days.

+I downloaded Bubble Witch Saga and it was a mistake wonderful idea! 

+I need to buy a shaker so I can make grapefruit mojitos...yummm.

+Velvet thought it was too hot to ride today and wanted to be loved on and model instead

+I did a circuit workout today after doing my cardio and thought I was going to die. Everything hurt.

+I bought some Quest bars and already demolished an Oreo one. Oops.

So, what randomness is going on in your life? 


Hopes and Plans!

I am linking up with Amanda for todays post :)

One:: Groceries. There is nothing to eat in the house since Daniel and I went to the beach this past weekend.

Two:: Find out why I never received a receipt for my class payment. And why has it not been charged to my card??

Three:: Make a new crockpot dish! Honey sesame chicken that is!

Four:: Nail my interview on Thursday! 

Five:: Go back over and finalize my project for micro.

Do you have any hopes and plans for this week?

How was your weekend?

Daniel and I went to the beach with our good friends Mitzi and Tyler. 
They finally were able to meet the nuggets and deal with their craziness. I think we officially have scared them from getting a puppy anytime soon!
We managed to not get rained out (yay!) so we were able to lie on the beach and go play putt putt that night! Unfortunately we moved to other ends of the state so we had about a day and half with them before we had to say goodbye.

We had a great time and can't wait to see them again and/or head to the beach!
Here are some pictures I snapped from my phone.

Ash on the ride down, haha. 

Pictures from our morning beach walk


Confession Friday!!

Happy Friday! 

You know what that means...
It's time for some confessions!

Here we go!

{1} I confess that I am exhausted! I was at the barn later in the afternoon yesterday and being out there and on for such a long time just sucked the life right out of me. Heat and humidity will knock the life right out of you.

{2} I confess that I am hopeful about a job so cross your fingers that a few things I applied for recently will work out!

{3} I confess that Daniel and I are about to pack up and head for the beach and spend some time wit our good friends Mitzi and Tyler!

{4} I confess that I really didn't feel that good this morning and am doing a lot better now! Thank goodness because I was hoping not to have to drag myself out to the beach.

{5} I confess that I will be studying while lying on the beach tomorrow. No rest for the wicked. At least I'll have a nice view, right?

{6} I confess that I've had too much Dairy Queen this week. It was hot, I worked out and rode so hey, why not gain some calories back with some delicious ice cream? :)

Have a great weekend everyone! 


#TotalSocial - Favorites

I am linking up with Helene and Sarah today for a fun little post about random favorites!

Helene in Between

Here are some random favorites of mine!

-Horses. They will always be a part of my life - sorry dad and Daniel!

-Caffeine. I have especially been loving the Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonades from Starbucks and my homemade salted caramel coffee.

-Tv shows. Dexter, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Teen Mom, Say Yes to The Dress, etc.

-The color purple.

-Makeup. Especially mascara!

-Music. I love music. No particular genre - I'll listen to just about anything.

-The gym. Yep, I love the gym!

-The morning. Between 7-8AM it is just so peaceful and I love it :)

-Mexican food. I can eat it constantly. Give me some Mexican food and guacomole and I am a happy girl.

-Beer. I don't drink it that often because it bloats me but I love it.

-Gin and Tonics. I have a new found love thanks to my parents.

-Good smelling things. Yeah, it's broad but good smelling candles, wall plug ins, scentsy bars, etc make me happy. Plus it makes me believe that my house is cleaner than it is - no shame!

What are some of your favorite things?


Don't Let Your Face Melt Off

Ah summer time. Time for the beach, beautiful scenery, and sweating. 
I'm just going to put it out there...I sweat a lot and I live in the south where the temperatures are high and the humidity runs rampant. Bad combination, yes?
There's nothing like sweating as soon as you get into your car. 

You can use these products year round, but they are really great for the summer.

{1} Moisturizer
It's all about the palette aka your face. The summer heat and humidity will suck all the moisture right out of your face. Use your favorite moisturizer every morning to get your makeup started off the right way.

{2} A good foundation brush/blender that will pack your makeup onto your face.
Now when I say pack, I don't literally mean pack the makeup on. I mean, make sure it is blended into your face and pushed into your skin so that it will stay put!

{3} Cream Blush
Powder blush is great and I totally use it in the summer but I tend to transition to cream blush the hotter it agains. Cream blush stays longer, looks dewey, and is so easy to deal with. I am a fan of NYX cream blush because of the price point and I think the product is great!
Bonus: You can use the cream blush on your lips!

{4} Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer
I added this bronzer to the list (because it's summery) but more importantly because it is a liquid formula that, once again, will not stray. If you have a great powder bronzer you love then use that! I just love this bronzer because it is so natural and it stays on my face longer than bronzing powder does in the summer.

{5} Urban Decays All Nighter
This setting spray is fantastic. Once you have applied all of your makeup, spritz your face with this, let it dry, and your makeup is set! You may sweat but the makeup isn't going anywhere.

{6} Revlon Lip Butter
You can use any brand of lip product you like, but my lips become very chapped in the summer and it breaks my heart because I love my matte lip products. I love the Revlon Lip Butters period, but they are a life saver for me during the summer months!

{7} Water Proof Mascara
I did not add a picture of this because I forgot and I do not use water proof mascara (or very rarely) because I dislike scrubbing it off of my lashes and my eyes are sensitive. If you do not have this problem, I totally recommend water proof mascara during the summer.

That's it! What are your must have summer beauty products? 
Let me know below :)