My Favorite Drug Store Makeup!

It's no secret that I have a makeup problem.
While I certainly love my high end makeup, I also love finding more affordable makeup that performs.

+Milani Color Statement Lipstick: Love this lipstick. I own three of them and they go on so seamlessly and have great color payoff.

+Revlon Photo Ready Powder: This is great, finely milled, powder. I have it in the lightest shade and dust it over my face once I am done with foundation and concealer. It also lasts a long time. I have had mine for close to a year and it doesn't look like I've put a dent in it! Very impressed.

+L'oreal Paris Color Infallible Eyeshadow: Best drugstore eyeshadow in my opinion. The eyeshadow isn't packaged as a normal eyeshadow. It is almost a pressed pigment. There is a variety of shades, they are pigmented, and they are smooth and easily blend able. I am always on the hunt for these when limited edition ones make an appearance. 

+Revlon Color Burst Lip Pencil: I have at least four of these because I am that impressed! Currently I am crushing on the color Elusive. Revlon has a matte and a glossier line and both perform quite well! 

+NYX Cream Blush: I've mentioned these in my favorite because they blend extremely well and are very pigmented. I am such a fan of cream blushes and am so happy there is a well performing drugstore brand. My only complaint is that I wish they would come out with more colors! 

+NYX Lipgloss: Love these lip glosses. They aren't too sticky, they are well pigmented, and I think they smell good. Some people do not like the smell of them but I think it's fine! They have a wonderful range of colors and I always find myself looking at them when I make a trip to Ulta.

+Revlon Whipped Cream Foundation: I haven't tried a lot of drugstore foundations but I was so intrigued with the formulation of this foundation that I got suckered in and bought two one. It can be a little difficult to find your shade because of the glass container they come in but I found a shade that matched me perfectly, both when I am pale and tanner! I used a stippling brush and a little bit went a long way with this stuff. Will definitely be purchasing this again. 

+Drug store mascara in general: Unless there is a high end mascara that you love Armani Eyes to Kill  then drug store mascara is perfectly fine. In fact, I think drug store mascara is equal to the fast majority of high end mascaras and the price is so much better! I am currently loving L'oreal's Telescopic Mascara. 

Since we are talking about favorites, take a listen and enjoy this song I have been loving!


Hopes and Plans Link-up!

Today I am joining Amanda to talk about my hopes and plans for the week.

Marry Mint

Feel free to link-up!

{1} To do two HIIT workouts this week. I needed to change up my routine a bit so I decided to incorporate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts into my workout routine. I managed to add in two last week so I am planning on doing it again!

{2} Finish my micro class strong! Two more days, just two more days! One presentation and a final stands in the way of me and the end of micro!

{3} Study big time for the NLN Pax as soon as micro ends. Ugh, it's never ending. It's okay, it'll all pay off in the end :)

{4} Get Daniel his favorite cheesecake for his Birthday. Daniel has a thing for Fresh Market's cheesecake so I really want to go pick one up this weekend since he doesn't get it very often.

{5} Drop clothes off at the Salvation Army. I have a pile of clothes that need to be donated. I have had them for way too long and they need to go to someone who will wear them.

And that's it!
Do you have any hopes and plans for this week?


Confession Friday/Oh Hey There Friday

I confess that I am linking up with two bloggers for today's post. As always, I am linking with Leslie  (A Blonde Ambition) for Confession Friday! I am also linking up with Karli (September Farm) for 'Oh Hey Friday!'

Lets get to it!

{1} I am so ready for fall to make an appearance. I love fall - the color changes, my boots, the clothes, oxblood red lipstick, taupe nails. To help myself prepare for my love of the fall season I already painted my nails a nice taupe! 

{2} Quest Bars. I do not know why I didn't take a liking to these earlier. I finally caved and picked some up and I must admit that I am impressed. Not only do they taste good but I really think they are a great snack if I am stuck out and about or as a snack after the gym. I have tried the Oreo and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and have been impressed with both. 

{3} HIIT workouts. I just started doing HIIT workouts this week and I must say that as much as I want to cry/die during them, I am addicted. I had to change up my routine a bit because there are a few things I want to improve on and I came to the realization that in order to achieve the results I want I needed to do something different. I'll keep you updated on how this is going but in the meantime feel free to share what HIIT workouts you like! 

{4} Mojito's are my new obsession. Grapefruit mojito's in particular. I have bought the grapefruit and sparkling water. I just need to run out to buy the rum, a shaker, and mint. I totally planned on making one tonight but I felt incredibly sick last night and am living off of brown rice and gatorade at the moment so I will have to postpone my mojito making plan. When I am back in business I am also going to make a watermelon mojito!

{5} Lulu Lemons Tracker Short II. I am going to just put it out there and say that I have a hard time fitting shorts because of my thighs and butt. In the summer I usually wear dresses but on those days that I am running around bumming it, I don't always want to put a dress on. Enter Lulu Lemons Tracker shorts! These shorts are fantastic. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, I literally live in my two pairs - but they are long and they fit! I can tell you right now that I will have a drawer full of these eventually. 


Mid-week Happenings

Wednesday means we are half way there!

Since nothing significant came to me for my blog post today, I figured I would let you in on the random things/thoughts going on in my life currently.


+So there is this big horse show every summer in the mountains, which is wonderful because it's blooming hot here, and I am so bummed that it isn't working out this year for me. Soon I will be back there!

+I am such a Starbucks Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade Snob that I know when they don't include the lemonade. It tastes so much better with the lemonade and I don't know why half the time it is not included even when I ask for it to be.

+The dogs will be 11 months in two days, which means they are almost a year old. How did this happen?! They use to be little guinea pig lookalikes and now they are about to be a year old.

+I ordered a new saddle and it's not going to be here for three months. Sad days.

+I downloaded Bubble Witch Saga and it was a mistake wonderful idea! 

+I need to buy a shaker so I can make grapefruit mojitos...yummm.

+Velvet thought it was too hot to ride today and wanted to be loved on and model instead

+I did a circuit workout today after doing my cardio and thought I was going to die. Everything hurt.

+I bought some Quest bars and already demolished an Oreo one. Oops.

So, what randomness is going on in your life? 


Hopes and Plans!

I am linking up with Amanda for todays post :)

One:: Groceries. There is nothing to eat in the house since Daniel and I went to the beach this past weekend.

Two:: Find out why I never received a receipt for my class payment. And why has it not been charged to my card??

Three:: Make a new crockpot dish! Honey sesame chicken that is!

Four:: Nail my interview on Thursday! 

Five:: Go back over and finalize my project for micro.

Do you have any hopes and plans for this week?

How was your weekend?

Daniel and I went to the beach with our good friends Mitzi and Tyler. 
They finally were able to meet the nuggets and deal with their craziness. I think we officially have scared them from getting a puppy anytime soon!
We managed to not get rained out (yay!) so we were able to lie on the beach and go play putt putt that night! Unfortunately we moved to other ends of the state so we had about a day and half with them before we had to say goodbye.

We had a great time and can't wait to see them again and/or head to the beach!
Here are some pictures I snapped from my phone.

Ash on the ride down, haha. 

Pictures from our morning beach walk